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26 April 2001

CPU war intensifies

AMD to drop prices the day after Intel

FeatureThrone of Darkness

Preview - hack 'n' slash role-playing oriental style, courtesy of a group of Diablo veterans

25 April 2001

CPL players get counted

CSports.net launches official CPL rankings

Witch hunt of the day

Columbine victims and families sue gaming companies for $5bn

THQ down but not out

Profits slide, but optimistic for future

24 April 2001

Black & White

Review - and the "Disappointment of the Year" award goes to...

What is an AXIA?

A bargain is what

Intel sign up for gaming

"I'm young! I'm hip!"

23 April 2001

Flipside bigger than Blackburn

Peculiar marketing case number 150,000

Memory prices are not set to rise

Fluctuations in price not due to increase in demand

Tribes 2 toys

Buggy, but popular teamplay FPS prompts much fan interest

FeatureCPL Holland Counter-Strike Qualifier

Article - Mugwum wandered down to The Playing Fields yesterday to watch some of the UK's top CS clans duke it out

P4 1.7GHz for $352

Intel confirm enormous price drop across Pentium 4 range

22 April 2001

CPL Qualifier finals

The results are all but in! Find out the latest

CPL Qualifier Update

4K dominating as expected

CPL Holland Counter-Strike Qualifier

The cream of the CS crop should be on show today

21 April 2001

FeatureOperation Flashpoint

Preview - EuroGamer drops behind enemy lines to investigate the latest code for this Cold War action-strategy game

20 April 2001

Cryo abandons UK market

French publisher retreats across the Channel with tail between legs

FeatureAntal Ruttmayer of Philos Labs

Interview - we talk to Hungarian developer Philos Labs about their exciting new sci-fi jailbreak game "Escape from Alcatraz"

Fix the South Bridge?

BIOS updates released for popular motherboards

Lord British is back

Richard Garriott talks about the demise of Origin and his return to the gaming industry

Rayman goes multiplayer

UbiSoft's popular platform game franchise takes a new direction

19 April 2001

One for the ladies

Second women-only charity gaming night in London

Prisoner of War is Wide for Sound

New screenshots of World War II game released, along with soundtrack information

CTW People Awards

Results, and the after show party

Tribes 2 patched

It's not looking good...

Snowball melting

Trouble ahead for the company behind IGN

Profits down, shares up

AMD and Intel both down but not out

18 April 2001

Sierra holds Tribes 2 tourney

Official UK Tribes 2 Cup announced

Tim Sweeney goes to Kyro

Unreal programmer lays into tile based rendering

17 April 2001

Soldier of Fortune returns

Raven and Activision to release sequel to notoriously gory first person shooter

Activision, you are the weakest link

Anne Robinson is coming to a PC near you - be very afraid

Stunt GP

Review - combining R/C racing and stunt driving with the addictiveness of Worms? Almost

ELSPA angry over piracy ruling

Judge Bray described games-buying public as "grossly overcharged"

Slowdown, what slowdown?

Interplay announces improvement in results for last year

VIA KT266 comes under fire

Leading enthusiast's findings bring current reviews into question

16 April 2001

FeatureGoing Nowhere?

Article - the future of professional gaming, and why 2001 won't be a breakthrough year

14 April 2001

FeatureConflict Zone

Preview - Mugwum takes a hands-on look at a very promising RTS title from Ubi Soft

Starcraft : Special Edition?

Blizzard to release Starcraft cinematics on DVD

13 April 2001

Let's see that again...

Valve talk about their new Multicast Spectator system for Half-Life

Another planet gets Shattered

Nexon open a new planet for massively multiplayer strategy game Shattered Galaxy

Submarine sim surfaces

688(I) Hunter / Killer follow-up in the works

12 April 2001

Cossacks : European Wars

Review - CDV brings us historical real-time strategy on an epic scale

Serious Pricing

British gamers set to pay double American price for Serious Sam

11 April 2001

Myst III Exiled from Europe

No European release for Myst III until September


Preview - EuroGamer reaches for the stars to check out the humorous space station management game from Mucky Foot

Lanarena announce intercontinental Quake

"AMD Invitational XS Cup" to unite the best gamers in the USA and Europe against one another

P4 price cuts

Intel announces dramatic changes in pricing


The long-running saga of where to buy our favourite KT133A motherboard extends

Acclaim announce 2nd quarter profit

Thanks owed to a "reduction in its operating expenses"

Rune goes to Valhalla

New add-on to cost you an arm and a leg - literally

10 April 2001

ELSA target budget graphics market

Aggressive pricing and new GeForce MX-based cards

Buy, sell, rent

Mind Ark tackle the topic of housing in Project Entropia

AMD Athlon 1.33GHz

Review - the cream of the processing crop, but is it really worth it?

WildTangent announces third round funding

$34m from Sony and Accenture Technology Ventures

9 April 2001

FeaturePerformance Memory Showdown

Article - Mugwum pitches Crucial and Mushkin memory head to head and evaluates the need for faster system memory on the whole

Fishtank go underground

3D role-playing game Arx Fatalis set for October release

Busy week for CPL

New sponsors announced, multicast unveiled, plus the chance to get yourself scanned into Quake

7 April 2001

Hired Team Trial Gold

Review - From Russia With Love? Please return to sender...

Black & White arrives in the UK

Lionhead's magnus opus is finally released in its homeland

6 April 2001

Crucial PC2100 DDR supply questioned

It's certainly selling very fast

5 April 2001

Gameplay up for sale?

British company announces "strategic review"

Culture of violence

America's Attorney General talks about violent video games

Infogrames snaffle M:I-2 license

This is your product, should you choose to accept it

4 April 2001

FeatureDragon Riders : Chronicles of Pern

Preview - Anne McCaffrey's best selling fantasy saga comes to the PC

NGUK drop 0800 service

Users outrage GSP by remaining connected

Sammo Hung to direct Soul Calibur

More movie news from the gaming world

The Duke Rocks (apparently)

WWF "star" to play the role of Duke Nukem in upcoming film?

PIII gets smaller

Development chips produced on 0.13 micron process

Where to buy our prized motherboard

It seems that the victor in our KT133A roundup is hard to place

3 April 2001

CPL Europe a-go-go

Registration opening for Dutch event and UK qualifier

UK gets Crucial memory boost

DDR now available in PC1600 and PC2100 flavours

2 April 2001

GoofySpy Industries?

GameSpy teams up with Disney to bring us .. "Atlantis: The Lost Empire - Search for the Journal"

900MHz on a budget

AMD's latest Duron release to dwarf Intel's Celeron once and for all

FeatureApril's Marching Motherboards

Article - Four of the finest examples of the KT133A Athlon motherboard chipset, put head to head

Gameloft closes gaming sites

Spring cleaning in the GameLoft

Sever It Yourself

Rebel Act release the level editor for their gory third person fantasy action game

Flash Dance LAN

Easter action for British gamers

1 April 2001

Space Tripper

Review - an arcade shooter for the new millenium?

Milk Me Baby, One More Time

Sierra continues to flog the Half-Life horse

30 March 2001


Preview - a sprawling underwater adventure that looks and feels second to none?

FeatureBill Roper of Blizzard - Part Two

Interview - Blizzard's Bill Roper talks about the Diablo II expansion set and the future of Battle.net

Maximum Charisma Studios need beta testers

25,000 beta testers, to be exact, to try out "Fighting Legends"

29 March 2001

Eidos wants to be a millionaire (again)

Is that your final answer?

Evil Islands : Curse of the Lost Soul

Review - the Russian developed 3D role-playing game finally reaches the west - was it worth the wait?

Don't Panic

Pan and Digital Village to develop a new game based on the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

RIP 3dfx

3dfx shareholders approve deal to liquidate company and sell assets to NVIDIA

28 March 2001

Rage get kicks out of Beckham

Manchester United star to help in the development of new footy franchise

UK lags on DSL

It's official - the UK has the most expensive DSL access in the world

FeatureDiablo II : Lord of Destruction

Preview - we take a closer look at the Diablo II expansion set

27 March 2001

Creatures breed online

Creature Labs release their free online artificial life game

26 March 2001

Evergreen get ready to Rumble

Force feedback headphones? Whatever next...

FeatureGaming Globes 2001 : The Results

Article - the votes are in, and we have the full results of the 2001 Gaming Globe Awards!

Arena rockets to 1.5

The most popular Quake 3 modification there is gets another helping of maps and features

Might, Magic and Army Men

Latest release information from 3DO

Gamers "more intelligent than average"

The Guardian reveals all...