PC Archive Page 531

14 March 2002

AMD launch new chips

Desktop Athlon XP 2100+, mobile Athlon 4 1600+, includes pricing

13 March 2002

Games Domain plans tourney

£20,000 up for grabs

PowerVR unveils KYRO II SE

No more STMicroelectronics chips on the way, so this could be the last time we head back to KYRO!

12 March 2002

Techland Xpands

Polish team announces new rally sim

CDV goes to i10

Breed, IG3 and Neocron all to go on show at LAN party

Tekken my Helmet!

Art imitates art imitates life

Unreal 2 goes solo

Sequel sheds multiplayer support

11 March 2002

VisionTek launches Ti4600 in Europe

The present pinnacle of graphics card touches down

9 March 2002

Wing Commander comes to TV

Oh please god no, make the pain stop

Command & Conquer : Renegade

Review - Westwood's attempt at making a first person shooter sends us to the land of NOD

8 March 2002

Delta Force returns to PC

Another tactical combat sim on its way

FeatureErik Johansson of Monsterland

Interview - Erik Johansson talks about his off-the-wall music industry sim, Rock Manager

Codies Club Gamers

Tailor-made versions of the company's new football game planned for individual clubs

Tropico sequel on its way

Pirates invade Caribbean dictator sim

7 March 2002

Thrustmaster obtains World Cup 2002 license

And proceeds to blur the line between football games and real life

ECTS 2 : Attack Of The Fanboys

Europe's biggest trade show no longer trade-only

Rayman returns

Ubi Soft's multi-million selling platformer gets new lease of life

Resident Evil's cinema Nemesis

Horror survival franchise coming back for a second bite at the big screen?

6 March 2002

Combat Flight Simulator : The Movie?

Ok, maybe not, but Crimson Skies and Halo could be on their way to Hollywood

Judge throws out Columbine lawsuit

As predicted, nobody wins except the lawyers

5 March 2002

Chardot p-p-picks up a Penguin

Alone In The Dark designer gets award from IGDA

Karma Cipher

Now with new improved physics

Game On!

Website launches for Barbican gaming exhibition

Strange Pre-Orders In Infinite Space

Boldly go and blow stuff up

4 March 2002

Dragon Empires Piers'd

Piers Anthony to provide back story for Dragon Empires

FeatureGaming Globes 2002 : Voting

Article - your chance to help decide who gets the gongs in EuroGamer's third annual Gaming Globes

Pentium 4 goes mobile

1.7GHz the new pinnacle of portable processing

3 March 2002

Ubi Soft investigates Crime Scene

French publisher to bring CSI to PC and consoles next year

Demo Fatalis

Get a taste of subterranean role-playing game Arx Fatalis

2 March 2002

Kalisto placed in stasis

French developer uses up ninth life

FeatureGrandia II

Preview - Game Arts finally make good on their promise to convert this much-loved DC RPG to the PC, but will they stop there?

1 March 2002

Ubi Soft to publish Raven Shield

The next Rainbow Six game due on PC and Xbox

Ubi Soft teases gamers

What is it now?

28 February 2002

UT and RTCW banned in Germany

Ban this sick, er, two-year-old filth now! And its mate!

27 February 2002

FeatureHitman 2 : Silent Assassin

Preview - Mouse dons his cleaning threads again and whips out his pistol, at which point the caption-writer is promptly fired

Cheaper Broadband for UK

Cheaper to an extent...

26 February 2002

World War II gets Frontline AI

Bitmap Brothers talk up morale for new real-time strategy game

25 February 2002

Jurassic Park Tycoon : The Real Deal

Vivendi Universal weighs in with official Jurassic Park sim

FeatureGaming Globes 2002 : Nominations

Article - have your say on which games get nominated for a gong in EuroGamer's third annual Gaming Globes

Rage in News Fest

New European distributor, new Publishing Director and new game engine for Andy McNab titles, oh, and bye-bye Dave Jones

24 February 2002

Fetch your coat, you've pulled

Lads On The Pull - a dating game, British-style

Medal Of Honor : Allied Assault

Review - can EA's World War Two shooter live up to the hype?

22 February 2002

FeatureAlexey Medvedev of Revolt

Interview - Revolt talk about their forthcoming space combat game, Homeplanet

Tekken movie in the works

Lara has a lot to answer for

21 February 2002

PowerVR MBX-driven portable planned

ST Microelectronics team up with their old chums Imagination

20 February 2002

Overclocking is fine, says AMD

But don't start remarking chips without telling the consumer...

Sierra changes name!

From Sierra On-Line to Sierra Entertainment, Inc.

Jurassic Park Tycoon

Zoo Tycoon gets dino add-on - god help us

19 February 2002

Flashpoint goes behind enemy lines

New add-on pack for award-winning action game on the way

GeForce 4 Titanium 4600

Review - the fastest video card company on the planet is going for its guns again

18 February 2002

Lik Sang barred from the US

Customs clamp down on DMCA violations

16 February 2002

Renegade demo released

C&C first person shooter hits the net


UK's largest LAN party gets Xboxed

15 February 2002

Famous Gaming Moments

Amazon's customers pick their favourite moments of all time, led by Lemmings

FeatureRick Giolito of Electronic Arts and Dale Dye

Interview - Allied Assault's producer and military advisor talk about the WW2 shooter, which is out today in Europe

NVIDIA profits double

Strong graphics card and Xbox sales boost bottom line

14 February 2002

MX GeFarce?

Whether or not the GeForce 4 MX deserves to be sold as such, it ought at least to work...

Kalisto files for bankruptcy

Bordeaux-based developer in financial trouble again

Gorasul : Legacy Of The Dragon

Review - You think this is a review? A review of a role-playing game? A review written by Gestalt? Um .. you're right, actually.

Take 2 gets slap on wrists

Recalculates two years worth of financial results after SEC probe

13 February 2002

GameStop to make IPO

Break from the norm

Caesar goes to China

Impressions' city building series marches on

Ubi Soft Winches Largo

Publisher licenses another French comic book we've never heard of

FeatureA Tale In The Desert

Preview - a massively multiplayer game without fighting, monsters or experience points - whatever next?

12 February 2002

Mythic sued over EULA

Restricting the sale of items and characters is a gross violation, apparently

11 February 2002

FeatureWhatever Happened To .. Originality

Article - or, "why they don't make them like they used to"

Hercules sticks to Kyro

"Hercules remains strong and committed"

ST quits the graphics biz

Nearly twenty-million Euros revenue is apparently not worth bothering about

10 February 2002


Review - Fishtank's amazingly good-looking underwater combat title finally arrives

9 February 2002

FeatureArx Fatalis

Preview - "the game Ultima Underworld fans have been waiting for"?

8 February 2002

Nike sues Sega

Alleges videogame company and its advertising agency copied an old advert

Harpoon 4 still on the way

"I'm not quite dead yet"

7 February 2002


Review - Heroes of Might & Magic meets Magic : The Gathering in this turn-based strategy game

GeForce 4 : Fresh Meat

PNY, ELSA and Gainward offerings on course

6 February 2002

NVIDIA launches GeForce 4

Fact, figures and pricing inside

5 February 2002

4 February 2002

Strange but true

Another oddly named game emerges from Digital Eel

Icewind Dale II confirmed

Frigid dungeon crawler spawns sequel

FeatureYou Suck

Article - the biggest problem with online gaming is online gamers

3 February 2002

Unreal goes Postal

Ban this filth! Please?

Laser Squad goes live

X-Com creators' latest effort open for subscriptions

FeatureIngo Horn and Christoph Kabelitz of Westka Interactive

Interview - we chat with the German developers behind The Y-Project

2 February 2002

Everquest goes dynamic

Not quite so pointless, but a lot more expensive


Preview - the world's first preview of a new Unreal-engined action-adventure game from German developers Westka

1 February 2002

Graphic State licenses WWF

That's the .. er .. World Wildlife Fund, not the sweaty lycra-clad wrestlers

Bad Vibrations

Games are bad for your health (again)

VisionTek Enters European Market

Company execs said to be "Xtatic"

New Sold Out line-up

Worms 2 headlines along with Grand Prix Legends