PC Archive Page 529

10 May 2002

Outcast Jedi map released as demo

Dumped map gets new lease of life

GameOn for pupils

Gaming is educational, honest guv

Games Stars In Their Eyes

ITV planning videogames show

Metal Gear and ZOE return

Konami's financial report yields interesting info

Infogrames storms E3

141 games, crikey

Blackley comes clean

Plans to help fund original concepts through his new company

9 May 2002

Agent Under NightFire

New Bond game on way to every platform under the sun

Lara raises £4,400 for charity

Outfit bought by merchant banker .. sorry .. international tax specialist

LucasArts' E3 line-up touted

Unofficially, so this is pinch-of-salt territory, but there's some tasty stuff in here...

8 May 2002

Indy to explore Emperor's Tomb

New Indiana Jones game confirmed

Sid Meier Plays The World

Civilization III expansion pack takes the game online

Activision on the up

Tony Hawk publisher grinds way to higher profits

7 May 2002

Rage Mobilise new demo

Updated Mobile Forces demo due tomorrow

JoWooD doubles sales

Austrian publisher on the up

6 May 2002

Divine Demo

Try before you buy, if you have a phat pipe

4 May 2002

FeatureDivine Divinity

Preview - more than just a Diablo clone

3 May 2002

The Guns Of SCi

Publisher licenses Alistair MacLean novels

Chimpionship Manager

Look at the monkey!

Doom E3

Activision to show new Doom at E3

2 May 2002

Stronghold goes on Crusade

Desert-themed semi-sequel coming this summer

Necrocide : The Dead Have Died

Gothic actioneer ditched by Novalogic

1 May 2002

Acclaim Studios Manchester formed

Out of the ashes of the late Software Creations

Ubi Soft's E3 line-up

Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc, the Clancy siblings and Shadowbane will feature prominently

30 April 2002

Return to SimCity

Maxis working on new SimCity sequel

29 April 2002

Lara goes on sale

Buy a piece of gaming history (and some smelly socks)

Anarchy goes on

Anarchy Online add-on on the way

28 April 2002

Erfurt leads to calls for games ban

Killer played Counter-Strike - quelle surprise

27 April 2002

Just Flight goes Xtreme

Chocks away for airplane racing game

FeatureBill Roper of Blizzard - Part Two

Interview - we look at mod making and the importance of the online community

26 April 2002

Cossacks go Back To War

Second expansion pack confirmed for RTS

FeatureBill Roper of Blizzard - Part One

Interview - Blizzard talk about the Warcraft III beta test and the game's single player campaign

Ubi Soft Gets The Fear

Another week, another Clancy game

25 April 2002

Disco Sam don't advertise

Not very Serious level design competition announced

Infogrames hacks The Matrix

Shiny happy people changing hands

Latest Half-Life and CS patches

Presumably breaking some sort of record for post-release support

24 April 2002


Preview - another futuristic motor racing game takes to the track

Another wacky football peripheral

This World Cup, it's not just game developers who plan to cash-in...

Majesco branches out

European publishing operation kicks off

23 April 2002

NVIDIA supports PCI Express

Improved performance for one and all, but not just yet

Morrowind moved forward

.. and backwards

Dungeon Siege

Review - Chris Taylor's much-hyped dungeon crawler gets the once over

20 April 2002

That's Incredibly Lame

Pro-gaming, 1980s style

FeatureColin Macdonald of Rage - Part Two

Interview - a look at the final days of Mobile Forces' development, and post-release plans

19 April 2002

Payne to the Max

More Max Payne movie news

FeatureColin Macdonald of Rage - Part One

Interview - we talk to Mobile Forces' producer about the game's design, engine and development team

TDK secures Muppetry

Inserts digital hand into Kermit and makes him croak!

JoWooD targets Nordic region

Publisher approaches distributors in the area and appoints PR Manager

Soldier of Fortune 2 demo

The Mullin man is back

18 April 2002

Logon to EuroGamer!

More great new features for EuroGamer readers

Secret Weapons Of The LucasArts

New World War II flight combat game coming next year

17 April 2002

FeatureRobin Dews of Warhammer Online

Interview - all the latest on Warhammer Online, straight from the horse's mouth

16 April 2002

Shiny up for sale

Got a fiver spare?

15 April 2002

MGS2, MOHAA take sales awards

ELSPA honours sales acrobatics

DSL prices down, dialup prices up

BTopenworld to charge £15.99 for its Anytime package from 1st May 2002

Acclaim bounces back

Good games good sales doth make

Activision deal far from final

Rumours of Rare's acquisition have been greatly exaggerated

3DO axes Heroes

New World Computing staff face the chop

13 April 2002

German Anarchy

MMRPG soldiers on with German server launch

12 April 2002

Schumacher returns to Karting

JoWooD to publish new kart racing game

Konami Shadows PC and Xbox

PS2 adventure game goes cross-platform

Cryo games defrosted

Mindscape to bring Cryo's PC games to the UK

11 April 2002

GAME over EB

EB UK waves through name change

CDV confirm Cossacks II

Napoleonic strategy game in the works

Primal Alien

Aliens vs Predator 2 add-on sneaks up on Sierra

Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

Review - Star Wars universe + Quake 3 engine = a winning formula?

10 April 2002

Stalingrad unveiled

Another World War II shooter on its way, this time from 4X

Radioactive Cossacks

GSC take a trip to Chernobyl

8 April 2002

Punish your machine

THQ license Punisher and Captain America

FeatureJedi Knight II : HSE Inspection

Article - our team of experts takes a look at the dangerous design of many Imperial facilities

Lara Croft auctioned off for charity

Well, her costume anyway

6 April 2002

FeatureShining Lore

Preview - Korea's answer to the massively multiplayer role-playing game

5 April 2002

Blood Omen II gets bandaged

Patch available as game hits shelves

4 April 2002

THQ Outraged

Descent veterans bought out

Back to the Desert

Another beta, for those of you who missed it last weekend

BBI to handle THQ distribution

Thousands of promotional 'The Rock' action figures offered in payment

Myst : The Mini-Series

Second best selling PC game of all time arrives on TV

3 April 2002

Mindscape full of Stars

Polish space strategy game on its way to the UK

French nuke Europe

Ubi Soft to distribute next Duke Nukem title

FeatureMobile Forces

Preview - a hands-on look at Rage's Unreal engined online shooter


Royalty payments at stake

2 April 2002

Sony sued by suicide mum

American woman takes Sony Online to court over son's death

Codies' to Kill

Mould-breaking new first person shooter promised

Rage in serious trouble

Losses up, share price down, cash-flow problems

31 March 2002

Ghost Recon : Desert Siege

Review - we take a covert look at the first official Ghost Recon add-on

30 March 2002