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11 October 2018

13 June 2018

7 June 2018


FeatureSteam's content policy is both arrogant and cowardly

Having appointed itself the god-king of PC gaming, Valve is vacating the throne.

29 September 2017

13 June 2017

12 June 2017


FeatureXbox One X promises a strong and stable line-up

But does it have the vision to excite?

9 June 2017

8 June 2017

21 April 2017


FeatureA call to arms for the UK fighting game community

"Put aside the petty bickering and embrace a new outlook."

11 February 2017


FeatureSteam Greenlight had to go, but its replacement might just work

Direct is a reasonable solution to one of Steam's most serious problems

12 November 2016


FeatureThe importance of games in difficult times

Alexis Kennedy on games, empathy and happiness.

4 November 2016

26 October 2016


FeatureBethesda's anti-consumer review policy comes as no surprise

And reminds us not to pre-order video games.

7 September 2016


FeatureLife after console generations has one big upside

Why should we welcome PlayStation Neo and Xbox Scorpio? There is a reason.

6 August 2016


FeatureSonic boom: Ellie Gibson on nostalgia, novelty, and that 9/10

Look, at least it's not another Pokemon Go article.

30 July 2016

28 July 2016


FeatureNX is different, and different is Nintendo's best option

Perhaps its only option for staying in the hardware game.

15 July 2016


FeatureActually, Pokémon Go isn't really a Nintendo game

But it's still great news for Nintendo.

8 July 2016

16 June 2016

11 June 2016

12 March 2016

2 February 2016

5 December 2015


FeatureWhy I play video games

Or the special whatness that makes them so special.

17 October 2015


FeatureJon Blyth on: Pubs vs video games

"'Another hoppy IPA!?' is this industry's 'Oh, they've put in a horde mode.'"

1 July 2015

17 June 2015


FeatureNintendo's painful metamorphosis leaves fans reeling

A new Metroid and a new Animal Crossing should have kept the faithful happy, but instead they're up in arms.

11 June 2015


FeatureMicrosoft's difficult choice at E3 2015

Will Phil Spencer try to save Xbox One, or push for the cross-platform future?

6 June 2015

31 May 2015


FeatureWe need to talk about emulation

The assumption that old games have no value indulges our nostalgia but is killing the industry.

18 March 2015

7 March 2015


FeatureJon Blyth on: Morality

"I love my friends."

7 February 2015


FeatureJon Blyth on: Fixing Far Cry 4

"Time is like location, but for watches."

7 January 2015

26 December 2014


FeatureGames of 2014: Destiny

Xur, you are being hunted.

20 December 2014

14 December 2014


FeatureBuilding Better Worlds - an MMO Tale

From the archive: If you come at the king, you best not miss.

13 December 2014


FeatureRich Stanton on: GTA's growing pains

The tone problem in Rockstar's classic series.

2 December 2014


FeatureMoving targets: the scattergun politics of Far Cry 4

Ubisoft Montreal's latest could be a fine portrayal of a country under siege, if only it stopped to breathe.

29 November 2014


FeatureThe Nintendo difference: Wii U's first two years

It's struggled in the marketplace, but Nintendo's console has remembered something its competition seemingly forgot.

15 November 2014


FeatureWho needs games: PlayStation 4's first year

It was the console that could do no wrong - but software was another matter.

8 November 2014


FeatureEverything not saved will be lost

What Destiny tells us about life, the universe, and everything.

1 November 2014


FeatureDeath to the mini-map

Why it's time to tear up the open world genre's greatest crutch.

25 October 2014


FeatureThe problem with video game guns

Is that lots of them are boring.

11 October 2014


FeatureLet's have more games that show rather than tell

Shadow of Mordor becomes great, but introduces itself poorly.

2 October 2014

29 September 2014


FeatureFIFA 15 Ultimate Team: time for a shake-up?

Our resident obsessive is still playing, but gradually losing interest.

20 September 2014

19 September 2014


FeatureJapan's slumbering giants awake at Tokyo Game Show

Metal Gear and Final Fantasy prove there's still plenty to get excited about from gaming's spiritual home.

13 September 2014

9 September 2014

6 September 2014


FeatureSometimes I wish more games were just a vertical slice

Always leave them wanting more, not less.

30 August 2014


FeatureWhy we need more developers like Zoe Quinn

To reach their full potential, games need to stop empowering the player and embrace the raw and personal.

16 August 2014


FeatureSnake moves with the times, Lara doesn't

The Tomb Raider deal dominated headlines, but Metal Gear's move onto Steam is the true harbinger.

2 August 2014



EA's Access service is good value, despite what Sony says - but it's still a less than ideal solution.

26 July 2014


FeatureWhen too much is not enough

Crowdfunding has freed developers from old production models, but at what cost?

19 July 2014


FeatureYou've got male

Marvel just announced that Thor is becoming a woman, but games don't need sex changes to be better at diversity.

12 July 2014


FeatureThe best games of 2014 are actually from 2013 - and that's okay

Why the flood of remasters and remakes should be embraced.

5 July 2014


Feature"It's not historically accurate!"

Why arguing against women appearing in games to preserve historical accuracy is silly.

28 June 2014


FeatureThe sickening side of the Steam summer sale

Hey, check out that gift horse's mouth...

21 June 2014


FeatureEnding the Minecraft fantasy

Notch is right to clamp down on paid Minecraft servers, but at what cost?

13 June 2014


FeatureDirectly to you: Nintendo wins E3 on its own terms

New games, fresh thinking and brilliant PR bring the Kyoto giant bang up to date.

12 June 2014


FeatureAssassin's Creed Unity is a backward step for progressive games

'They're not avatars' defence sends the wrong message.

10 June 2014


FeatureSony had more wow moments, but Microsoft has closed the competence gap

A lack of 2014 titles on both sides of the console war favours Xbox.

7 June 2014


FeatureThe art of the E3 press conference

A handy guide for puzzled executives turned showbiz frontmen.

31 May 2014


FeatureWatch Dogs: stuck in the unfunny valley

Open-world games are often better when they lighten up.

19 May 2014

17 May 2014


FeatureThe end of gimmicks?

Kinect's failure suggests a bright future for game hardware served straight - no chaser.

14 May 2014


FeatureBetter without Kinect

Microsoft makes the best of a bad situation.

10 May 2014


FeatureLocal multiplayer is gaming's holy grail

And, until recently, the industry had completely forgotten about it.

3 May 2014

26 April 2014


FeatureGame Boy got soul

How the simple heart of Gunpei Yokoi's Game Boy has a legacy that goes beyond hardware.

19 April 2014


FeatureThe silent composer

Marty O'Donnell's departure is a shock, but also a reminder that music in games is more important than ever.

12 April 2014

5 April 2014


FeatureThe numbers game

Why Amazon's use of Metacritic scores is a terrible idea.

26 March 2014

22 March 2014

8 March 2014


FeatureGames are squandering their potential to truly immerse us

To create truly believable worlds, they need to let go of what's safe.

23 February 2014


FeatureDown the replay rabbit hole

Why Ken Levine's plan for endlessly replayable narrative could be a risk not worth taking.

22 February 2014

19 February 2014


FeatureBe advised: I was wrong about Titanfall

If you're feeling jaded and dismissive, like I was, then pay attention.

15 February 2014

10 February 2014


FeatureThe Hearthstone you didn't get

Looking back at the way Blizzard changed card values during the closed beta.

8 February 2014


FeatureConsole developers need to look at Dungeon Keeper and learn

Mobile gaming is a joke. Don't become the next punch-line.

1 February 2014


FeatureSavour the Wii U and Vita - they're our new Dreamcasts

Commercial success may evade them, but these ailing consoles are future classics.

25 January 2014


FeatureIwata isn't Nintendo's problem. It's Miyamoto

A lack of new game ideas is what's holding Nintendo back.

18 January 2014


FeatureStories with dice: the thrill of old-school D&D

When is a role-playing game not a role-playing game? Most of the time, it turns out.

11 January 2014


FeatureValve plays the long game again

Steam Machines are about protecting the PC, not beating consoles.

4 January 2014


FeatureIs 2014 the year of virtual reality?

Come in Luigi, your time is up - why Oculus Rift is the true next-gen experience.

14 December 2013


FeatureBeyonce's onto something, you know

Her new album-out-of-the-blue is a cool idea that would work brilliantly for games.

7 December 2013


FeatureIn praise of early adopters

Let's hear it for friends who splash out on day one.

30 November 2013

23 November 2013


FeatureWhat happens when free-to-play games aren't free?

Microsoft's misappropriation of free-to-play mechanics is at the head of a broader problem this generation.

9 November 2013


FeatureThe fall and rise of the franchise titans

With Assassin's Creed and COD sales slowing, their next-gen successors are waiting in the wings.

2 November 2013


FeatureYou're in charge!

From vital patches to game cancellations, players are often intimately involved.

1 November 2013


FeatureSaints Row 4: a fun game that makes serious points

Beneath the parody, there's a brilliant game about friendship, sex and strong women.

26 October 2013


FeatureThe strongest next-gen line-up from the unlikeliest source

Why the Wii U is the best next-gen choice this Christmas.

19 October 2013


FeatureUbisoft cancels the next-generation launch party

Watch Dogs' delay is a blow, but also a sign of the French publisher's growing might.

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