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In search of the perfect bug

"A metal clanking sound plays if the user's character stabs the curtains."

There's poetry in games, but you often have to look for it. Sometimes the place where you have to look is in the patch notes. Take this example, now justly famous, from Boiling Point: Road to Hell, an open-world action-adventure that, back in 2005, was going to propel Arnold Vosloo to even greater heights of fame and influence following a nuanced performance in The Mummy. "Fixed: size of the moon," it reads. "Fixed: jaguar floats across screen at treetop level." And elsewhere: "Police station cannot be destroyed by a crossbow anymore." Fixed!

Digital FoundryOnLive boosts quality: is cloud gaming now viable?

Can faster broadband connections save gameplay over IP? A new OnLive update lets us put that to the test.

Even with Sony's confident $380 million buyout of Gaikai and the upcoming PlayStation 4 tie-in, cloud gaming remains a dubious prospect for core gamers. The performance of tech pioneer OnLive highlights the hitherto unresolved challenges: video compression kills image quality and input lag remains an issue. But what if we told you that OnLive has recently transformed significantly - for the better?

Steve Perlman no longer at OnLive

Head of investor firm Gary Lauder takes over as chairman.

OnLive's founder and former CEO Steve Perlman has departed the cloud gaming company he created following its acquisition by investor firm Lauder Partners.

Four free indie games this weekend on OnLive

Dear Esther! Lume! PoP! Defense Grid!

Cloud gaming company OnLive has certainly had its troubles this week with a near bankruptcy/buyout/regeneration, but the service remains uninterrupted and this weekend concludes its Indie Weekend Giveaway promo.

Steve Perlman to remain CEO of newly minted OnLive

Cloud gaming company was estimated between $30 - $40 million in debt.

It's been confirmed that Steve Perlman will continue to be CEO at OnLive following the company's financial crisis and acquisition by affiliate of investment firm Lauder Partners.

Digital FoundryWhat Went Wrong with OnLive?

Digital Foundry once said it couldn't possibly work, then grew to admire how close it came. Rich looks back at its history.

Two years after launch, OnLive is bankrupt and under new ownership: employees have been fired, their shares in the fledgling cloud outfit are worthless, and the original start-up has ceased to exist. What remains in terms of infrastructure, technology and IP is has been bought out by venture capitalist Gary Lauder, with OnLive 2.0 carrying on where its predecessor left off, re-hiring less than half of the original staff in the process. From a user perspective, it seems to be business as usual, with all servers remaining in service. However, in light of the facts and figures that have emerged over the weekend, it's difficult to imagine a rosy future ahead for the service - and for cloud gaming in general.

Is cloud gaming the future?

The death of the disc? We talk to Molyneux, Perry, Valve and more.

Is cloud gaming the future? Sony certainly thinks so. It forked out $380 million on Gaikai, the cloud gaming service run by David Perry, to ensure PlayStation's future at least incorporates the cloud. Expect cloud gaming to form a part of the offering of PlayStation 4, the next Xbox and, probably, everything else gaming related since now.

When will OnLive have no latency?

"Fundamentally, at some point, you hit the speed of light."

OnLive lets you stream-play games on mobiles, tablets, PCs - pretty much any machine that loads a web browser. The games themselves run on faraway magical computers, and you control them via the internet.

OnLive doesn't do enough to convince us that cloud gaming is ready to be the next big thing, but the fact that it works as well as it does is undoubtedly a major technological achievement. The company has set the standard for "first gen" performance in this field, and it's now down to others to enter the market and compete. And that's exactly what upstart rival Gaikai has done - with intriguing results.

Eurogamer Expo 2012 early bird tickets go on sale

Range of options available including new Super Passes, with special discounts for Virgin Media customers.

Oh em eff gee! Barely a week after we announced that Virgin Media is the new headline sponsor of the Eurogamer Expo, early bird tickets have now gone on sale for the four-day show taking place at London's Earls Court from 27th-30th September 2012.

Eurogamer Reader Survey

Last push for the survey. Fill it out if you want us to consider your feedback!

Hello! We'd like to get to know you better so we can do a bunch of things that make the site better for you, including tailoring our editorial and reacting to your design preferences. If you have a few spare minutes, we'd be really grateful of your input in our annual survey. Everything's optional, but we really appreciate any thoughts you take the time to share. Podcast #94: That was the news 2011!

Wes, Bertie, Fred and Tom P battle it out quiz style.

Yes! Welcome to episode 94 of the Podcast! As the year grinds to a halt, it's time to reflect on the games that have made suffering the internet bearable. But it's not all about working out which game is better than that other game and putting it into a list. Sometimes, it's about the NEWS.

UPDATE: Voting is now closed for this year's Eurogamer Readers' Top 50 Games! You can still use the form below but your input will no longer count towards the totals. It's a bit like watching X Factor on a Wednesday, if you like. Look out for the final Top 50 list to do up on 1st January 2012!

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