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We've had our say already, and typically we were probably well wide of the mark, so it's now your turn to let us know what games you're looking forward to over the next 12 months. Thanks to all who voted (but no thanks to whoever suggested Pong, and to the handful of people who put forward Half-Life 3, well... I'm sorry). The top 10 are presented in reverse order below - and it was incredibly tight out at the front, with the top result beating out the runner-up by only a couple of votes. We've also included some of your comments, although since the submission form was anonymous we can't say exactly who made which point. Sorry about that - if you feel particularly proprietorial about one of your insights that we've highlighted, tell the world in the comments. Onward!

Most Anticipated: Super Smash Bros.

It's going to be mega, man.

There's something about playing Nintendo games at Christmas. Maybe it's their colours, rich and gaudy like pristine wrapping paper. Maybe it's the giddy sense of fun they elicit that fits so well with the festive season. Whatever it is, I spent much of my holiday smiling my face off at recent favourite Super Mario 3D World, or visiting my Animal Crossing: New Leaf town to see it covered in snow.

Most Anticipated: X

Marks the spot.

There's a Japanese proverb that tells the story of a cricket that decides it will swim across a wide stream. The insect sets off with great gusto, but when it reaches the middle of the river it begins to doubt its ability to finish the task. Sieged by self-doubt, the cricket turns around and swims back the way that it came. It's a proverb that - with admirable humility and self-awareness - the game designer and head of Monolith Software Tetsuya Takahashi once said applies to his career.

You've probably spotted the fact that we're easing into the year by running through some of our most anticipated games of the next 12 months. Our YouTube editor Ian Higton's up next to the plate, and he's picked Respawn's epic looking Titanfall for his own personal choice. You can hear him work through his reasons against a backdrop of warring mechs and athletic footsoldiers in the video below. Oh, and there'll be rapped knuckles for whoever's first to complain about 6v6 multiplayer in the comments, too!

Most Anticipated: Dark Souls 2

If only I could be so grossly incandescent!

Generally speaking, I don't get excited for games that end in numbers. Sequels, prequels and spin-offs can be good - great even (hi, Uncharted 2!) - but the sense of awe is often dulled the second time around. Dark Souls is the exception. I recall playing through the first one and thinking, "This might be my new favourite game of all time. I could play these forever." Two years later my sentiment hasn't changed.

Optimistic? Perhaps, yet while The Last Guardian has been one of the most anticipated games of an entire generation, I've got genuine faith that this'll be the year when the catweagle finally sticks its curious snout out of the shadows.

The Christmas period often takes me back to games I haven't played for a while. All that travelling around, all those afternoons on family sofas, all those frosty mornings and ridiculous winter discounts on Steam and elsewhere - it's made for it. One game I didn't expect to end up playing in December, though, was Mario Kart Wii.

Introducing the most anticipated games of 2014

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Happy 2014 to you, and if it's your first day back at work many condolences. Like a lot of you, we're miserably contemplating our enlarged bellies and trying to remember how this whole working thing goes, so in the mean-time: lists!

At 35, you die a little. Or rather, you accept the life you will not lead, you say goodbye to it, and this, it turns out, is a quiet form of dying. Happy new year! At 35, I acknowledge that I'm unlikely to rob a bank. I probably won't even wait in an unmarked van outside the bank, tapping away at a terminal as the grids go down and my sexy accomplices wriggle through vents and hop across elevator shafts.