MMO Archive Page 22

6 April 2007

FeatureThe best things in life are free

ArenaNet and NCsoft talk Guild Wars 2.

4 April 2007

Guild Wars 2 is for the fans

Won't try for a new crowd.

21 March 2007

Guild Wars 2 revealed

Plus new GW expansion.

8 March 2007

GDC: Eve integrates voice chat

"Eve Voice" later this month.

7 March 2007

Burning Crusade sells 3.5 million

In the first month on sale.

20 February 2007

Blizzard sues Glider creator

WoW bot program breaks rules.

12 February 2007

Eve developer cheats

Helps self to forbidden fruits.

Alienware revises WoW PCs

Epic loot. You could win one, too.

9 February 2007

The EGTV Show - Episode 7

World of Warcraft: The Truth.

29 January 2007

Man chooses WoW over childbirth

"Five more minutes." - him

22 January 2007

Blizzard's next MMO 'won't be another WoW' - exec

Bassat promises something new.

16 January 2007

FeatureThe Flame Game

That Burning Crusade launch in full.

12 January 2007

10 January 2007

WoW TBC midnight launch plans

Unwashed to storm retail outlets.

15 December 2006

WoW: Burning Crusade cinematic

Smouldering on EGTV.

30 November 2006

22 November 2006

FeatureEve online Fanfest 2006

Snow joke in Iceland.

6 November 2006

Guild Wars: Nightfall

Dark times ahead.

25 September 2006

Guild Wars: Factions

An MMORPG that's cheap and not afraid to be fun (gasp)

20 September 2006

Eve Online to evolve for 'years'

Content update in 'two months'.

13 September 2006

12 September 2006

GW: Nightfall preview event

Try it out this month.

7 September 2006

Irwin to get WOW tribute

Seven players signed up.

25 August 2006

FeatureGC: WOW Factor

Blizzard's Paul Sams on why 6 million subscribers can't be wrong.

24 August 2006

GC: New WOW expansion every year - Blizzard

Plus, Burning Crusade date talk.

11 August 2006

FeatureEve Online: Kali

CCP reveals all about the latest expansion to the space MMO.

2 August 2006

Nightfall bonuses planned

Guild Wars pack next month.

27 July 2006

59,000 WOW accounts banned

Swept away by a, er, oh, um, hrm, I dunno, whirlwind?

18 July 2006

Guild Wars Nightfall unveiled

Beta event soon. Plus: loads of info on Dervish and Paragon professions.

12 July 2006

EverQuest grows again

Meet the new neighbours.

6 July 2006

WOW realm transfer option

Now available to Euro players.

29 June 2006

WOW realm transfer goes live

In a limited way, in the US.

23 June 2006

Blizzard's new ideas for WOW

Realm transfer and PvP plans.

22 June 2006

New WOW patch out now

Includes new raid dungeon.

21 June 2006

WOW summer festival kicks off

Time to get all fired up.

20 June 2006

No one can compete with WOW

Says very important THQ person.

15 June 2006

Play World of Warcraft for free

Well, for ten days, anyway.

14 June 2006

Blizzard, Squenix take action

Against greedy old cheats.

12 June 2006

Blizzard drops gold farming suit

Man allowed to sell WOW guide.

6 June 2006

New WOW patch coming

It's all about the pesky Scourge.

20 May 2006

Guild Wars: Factions

Lights! Camera! Faction!

17 May 2006

Blizzard man talks WOW movie

It's for fans and non-fans alike.

15 May 2006

CCP talks EVE Online Kali

Significant changes afoot.

10 May 2006

New WOW race unveiled

And the winner is... The Draenei!

9 May 2006

Warcraft movie on the way

Hit MMO heads to the big screen.

5 May 2006

Feature2005 UK Sales Review

Part Three: PC, Xbox 360, and the year ahead.

21 April 2006

Extra char slots for Guild Wars

Six bob to you. This summer.

19 April 2006

Third Guild Wars this year

Jeff Strain reiterates dev plan.

13 April 2006

5400 WOW players banned

Plus: new patch news.

10 April 2006

Third Guild Wars on show at E3

But only behind closed doors.

7 April 2006

Guild Wars tourney dated

$100k up for grabs in Leipzig.

31 March 2006

WOW downloader updated

Following series of complaints.

29 March 2006

WOW gets new patch

And Azeroth gets weather.

10 March 2006

Guild Wars: Factions dated

Collector set detailed.

2 March 2006

FeatureGuild Wars Factions

Jeff Strain on the next instalment in the MMO series.

Guild Wars 3 already in dev

And probably out this year.

13 February 2006

Blizzard says sorry to WOW fan

Over gay-friendly guild row.

9 February 2006

Guild Wars Factions beta

To kick off in March.

7 February 2006

WOW login issue will be fixed

Blizzard promises to sort it.

FeatureWorld of Warcraft

Blizzard pops in for a chat.

30 January 2006

Gay rights group speaks out

On Blizzard's WOW policy.

20 January 2006

WOW celebrates Lunar New Year

And one million Euro subs.

17 January 2006

Chinese WOW players speak out

On being discriminated against.

16 January 2006

11 January 2006

Guild Wars: Factions announced

It's out this summer.

6 January 2006

5 January 2006

WOW - a brand new patch

And it's now on Eurofiles.

4 January 2006

EverQuest gets new expansions

And EQII gets Player Vs. Player.

20 December 2005

WOW hits 5m subscribers

We just can't get enough.

19 December 2005

Red Moon rises on EVE Online

Huge content update.

15 December 2005

Make your own WOW movie

And win all manner of prizes.

7 December 2005

WOW Christmas is coming

The orcs are getting fat.

6 December 2005

5 December 2005

Blizzard bans some folks

And credits some others.

25 November 2005

Explore new WOW area

Public test realms now live.

24 November 2005

WOW gets parental controls

So Ma and Pa can restrict play.

21 November 2005

Parents to sue Blizzard

Over death of WOW-playing son.

15 November 2005

New WOW patch revealed

Two new dungeons opened.

9 November 2005

FeatureThe Blizzcon Report

Our cosplay outfit is "Journalist". We're such fakers.

7 November 2005

WOW hackers defeat Warden

With Sony's 'rootkit' technology.

FeatureBlizzard on the future

Is a cold wind gonna come and blow us all away?

4 November 2005

31 October 2005

Blizzard courts beta sign-ups

For unannounced game. But is it just the WOW expansion?

28 October 2005

WOW expansion revealed

All sorts of exciting stuff.

27 October 2005

WOW 360 rumour rubbished

By Blizzard, no less.

12 October 2005

New World of Warcraft patch

Download Euro version here.

6 October 2005

WOW addon playable at BlizzCon

More details this month.