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Dance Central Spotlight out now for Xbox One

Truffle Shuffle still not included.

Xbox exclusive hernia simulator Dance Central has released its latest iteration. Dance Central Spotlight marks the series debut on Xbox One and also marks a shift from boxed retail disc to a purely digital release.

The great thing about buttons - whether they're on your doorbell, mobile phone, game controller or even plastered all over an elaborate mech-simulation peripheral that comes with its own Allen key - is that when you push them into the recess and feel that satisfying click as the contact hits the mark, you can be around 99.99 per cent sure that your action will have the desired result. It's a principle that gaming has embraced since its earliest days.

Joy Ride Turbo announced for Xbox Live Arcade

Microsoft kart racer ditches Kinect for second outing.

A sequel to critically-savaged Kinect effort Joy Ride launches on Xbox Live Arcade soon, Microsoft has announced, and this time around it's ditched the motion controls.

Molyneux: industry wasn't ready for Milo & Kate

"It was the wrong concept for what this industry currently is."

Lionhead's aborted Kinect project Milo & Kate wasn't axed due to any technical limitations, but because the market at large wasn't ready for what it had to offer, so says creator Peter Molyneux.

Microsoft pushing Kinect into business world

A surgeon browses records while in theatre.

Microsoft is working with more than 200 companies across 25 industries - from healthcare to education - to spread the reach and application of Xbox 360 motion sensing camera Kinect.