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24 August 2018


FeatureThe big Cyberpunk 2077 interview

CD Projekt on transhumanism, gender fluidity and what's beyond Night City's walls.

12 August 2018

26 July 2018

20 July 2018


FeatureThe big Sean Murray interview

Hello Games' founder on the remarkable journey of No Man's Sky.

19 July 2018


FeatureWhat it's like being a low-level streamer

Admiral Peach, reporting for duty.

13 July 2018

12 July 2018


Feature'We just created the game that we wanted to play as Japanese developers'

The Octopath less travelled - inside the making of the Switch's big summer game.

3 July 2018


FeaturePokémon Go's boss on the game's future, Pokémon Let's Go, and event issues

"Bob Dylan's first electric concert was a little rough..."

20 June 2018


FeatureWhat Ubisoft Crying Man did next

Davide Soliani on Mario Rabbids' Donkey Kong expansion, the E3 spotlight, and more.

16 June 2018

12 June 2018


FeatureThe big BioWare interview: the response to Anthem, and the future of Mass Effect

"For players who want this to be a traditional BioWare game, that is part of the game."

11 June 2018


FeatureA chat with Phil Spencer about next gen Xbox consoles

Expect backwards compatibility to continue.

3 June 2018


FeaturePokémon boss Junichi Masuda on keeping hardcore players happy, borrowing from Pokémon Go, and Let's Go's story

"I'm always concerned that we take Pokémon too far, that it's no longer approachable."

25 May 2018


FeatureBeing the boss of Dragon Age

Mike Laidlaw still remembers his first day at BioWare - and, 15 years later - his last. A lot happened in between.

24 May 2018

18 May 2018

10 May 2018


Feature'Going up against Fortnite and PUBG is just incredibly hard'

The difficulties of launching a multiplayer game in an age of two behemoths.

20 April 2018


FeatureHey Nintendo, PlatinumGames wants The Wonderful 101 on Switch

And no, it didn't nearly close after Scalebound was cancelled.

19 April 2018


Feature"People want a lot of answers"

We interview Atari as it re-reveals its console / computer hybrid.

16 April 2018


FeaturePlayerUnknown on PUBG's future

"People were saying 'oh, you're copying Fortnite' - well, no."

11 April 2018


FeatureWhy Steam Spy has to close, from the creator himself

"I knew it was going to happen at some point."

10 April 2018

5 April 2018

20 March 2018

13 March 2018

28 February 2018

27 February 2018


FeatureHow Human: Fall Flat rose up to become a smash hit

'I decided if it was down to these ethics I should be selling drugs instead of making free-to-play games.'

23 January 2018


FeaturePlayStation VR is getting a fascinating 2D action game

Pop-Up Pilgrims coming next month from Dakko Dakko.

22 December 2017


FeatureNintendo on giving Splatoon 2 another fresh lick of paint

Hisashi Nogami on updates, the plaza and what exactly those jellyfish are doing.

15 December 2017


FeatureUntold Saga: The story of one of the first Final Fantasy's unsung creators

'The more players say let's make it a little easier the more I want to make it a difficult game!'

14 December 2017


FeatureThe big interview: the Gambling Commission on loot boxes

"We don't yet understand enough of what the actual risks are."

1 December 2017

24 November 2017


FeatureHow Final Fantasy's biggest failure changed the series for the better

Naoki Yoshida on the past, present and future of Final Fantasy 14.

4 November 2017

31 October 2017


FeaturePlayerUnknown reveals Battlegrounds Xbox One release date, and a major difference to PC

"Right now the two builds are on slightly different road maps."


FeatureDavid Cage on Detroit and its depiction of domestic violence

"Would you ask this question to a film director, or to a writer? Would you?"

29 October 2017


Digital FoundryTech Interview: Destiny 2 and Bungie's return to PC gaming

How Bungie's engine evolved for the sequel, and why the game runs so well on PC.

25 October 2017

23 October 2017


FeatureSonic Mania and its impact on the future of the Sonic series

And a little something about Samba de Amigo on Switch.

15 October 2017


FeatureKazunori's War: the world of Gran Turismo's creator

From the archive: From street racing to the Nürburgring, how Polyphony's Kazunori Yamauchi came to define driving.

11 October 2017


FeatureThe past, present and future of Final Fantasy 15

Hajime Tabata poured his life into getting the JRPG out last year - but he's not done just yet.

28 September 2017


FeatureA fireside chat with Hearthstone's biggest bosses

Brode and Chu talk adventures, cross-platform play and consoles.

26 September 2017


FeatureSuper Meat Boy Forever and the return of Team Meat

Tommy Refenes on mobiles, meat and the studio's future without Ed McMillen.

25 September 2017

11 September 2017


FeatureStar Citizen 3.0 update "akin to Early Access" launch

"It would be the worst scam in the world."

8 September 2017

31 August 2017


FeatureThe Metal Gear Solid movie's director plans to stay faithful to Kojima's vision

Jordan Vogt-Roberts on his aims for the film - and a look at his new Destiny commercial.

29 August 2017


FeatureTelltale talks The Wolf Among Us' return and Game of Thrones being "on hold"

Plus: even more games for Switch, that long-awaited new IP, and poker.

24 August 2017


FeatureReturning to Metroid

Co-creator Sakamoto on Samus Returns, Prime 4, amiibo and more.

23 August 2017


FeatureThe big Xbox Gamescom interview

Mike Ybarra on X's launch line-up, the fate of Crackdown and much more.

11 August 2017


FeatureThe big Cliff Bleszinski interview

'I've had a very polarising personality in the 25 years I've been doing this.'

26 July 2017


FeatureWalking in a giant's footsteps: a father and son story

Through art and Guild Wars, a Romanian family finds the American Dream.

24 July 2017


FeatureThe hope and despair of A Light In Chorus

On turning the Golden Record into a video game.

21 July 2017


FeatureArms at length: The big Nintendo interview

Kosuke Yabuki on the future of Mario Kart, luck versus skill and Birdo. Wait, who's Birdo?

17 July 2017


FeatureI meet the Romeros: An hour on stage with Brenda and John

A classified summer Air Force job! A cancelled MMO! Gazumped by Ubisoft!

29 June 2017


FeatureWhat's Phil Harrison up to these days?

On PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, E3 press conferences and virtual reality.

26 June 2017


FeatureSega defends Sega Forever launch after fan outcry

'Within mobile there's a lot of fragmentation.'

25 June 2017


Feature“I want to be seen as the best”

What drives a semi professional PES player to the top.

22 June 2017

21 June 2017

19 June 2017


FeatureLife is Strange: Before the Storm dev on Ashly Burch's absence, season pass kerfuffle and more

"We contemplated lots of different ways to react, including abandoning the project."

14 June 2017


FeatureThe big interview: Sony's Jim Ryan

On the competition, cross-platform play, exclusives and more.

13 June 2017


FeatureThe big interview: Xbox boss Phil Spencer

On Xbox One X, exclusives and more.

6 June 2017

26 May 2017

21 May 2017


FeatureBrenda Romero versus the systems of pain

On making games about oppression and genocide.

21 April 2017

13 April 2017


FeatureArkane's living prisons

Raphael Colantonio on Prey, Dishonored and breaking the world.

10 April 2017

9 April 2017


FeatureFrom Donkey Kong to Snake Pass: the music of David Wise

The legendary composer on glorified doorbells and leaving Rare.

5 April 2017


FeatureJeff Kaplan on the pressures of being Overwatch's game director

"Literally all night, every night, I'm thinking about the game."

31 March 2017


FeatureTotal War: Warhammer 2 - Creative Assembly answers the big questions

Multi-game campaigns! Victory conditions! Day-one DLC! More!

3 March 2017


FeatureFor Honor: Ubisoft answers the big questions

Hero balance! Disconnections! Honourable play! More!


FeatureNier: Automata was almost a Farmville-style mobile game

How Square Enix committed to its most eccentric game in years.

27 February 2017


FeatureEscaping Skyrim's shadow

And laying the ground for Elder Scrolls 6.

2 February 2017


FeatureThe safest pair of hands in video games

A snapshot of Sumo Digital as it prepares to step out of the shadows.

19 January 2017


FeatureThe big Zelda: Breath of the Wild interview

Eiji Aonuma on how Zelda made the Switch, and how female Link was briefly considered.

17 January 2017


FeatureWriting Lara Croft

How Rhianna Pratchett helped reboot Tomb Raider.

11 January 2017

21 December 2016


Feature'The bug isn't good enough'

How an arcade legend returned to the genre he invented.

9 December 2016

8 December 2016

24 November 2016


FeatureCapcom Vancouver defends Dead Rising 4's "super-polarising" changes

New zombie types, boss characters and the world explained.

17 November 2016


FeatureThe next historical Total War is "an era we haven't tackled yet"

Creative Assembly on the future of its strategy series.

10 November 2016


Feature“Never in my wildest imagination did I think The Last Guardian would take this long”

Fumito Ueda on the game that took him almost ten years to make.

1 November 2016


Feature'It was a good spot we ended up in. But it was messy getting there'

IO on Hitman's episodic approach, and where next for the series.

22 September 2016

21 September 2016

20 September 2016


Feature"We got caught in a s***storm"

The makers of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow hit back.

13 September 2016


FeatureThe Hero Factory: Conversations with Chris Metzen

As he retires from his position as Blizzard's head writer.

2 September 2016

24 August 2016

23 August 2016

18 August 2016


FeatureEA's Peter Moore: I'm not sure video game press conferences have a future

As for its own gamescom event? "I think some people were confused."

17 August 2016


FeatureMeet the man Gabe Newell called an ass on Reddit

James "2GD" Harding on Dota 2, Diabotical and drama.

10 August 2016


FeatureRobin Hunicke's extraordinary journey

From Spielberg's postman to discovering Katamari, Journey's lead designer's wild voyage of discovery.

2 August 2016


Digital FoundryTech Interview: Inside Xbox One S

A Digital Foundry deep dive on the making of Microsoft's latest console.

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