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10 November 2000

FeatureMarek Spanel of Bohemia Interactive

Interview - we talk to Marek Spanel of Bohemia Interactive about the ambitious tactical combat game "Operation Flashpoint"

13 October 2000

FeatureRik Heywood and Vince Farquharson of Synaptic Soup

Interview - we talk to the men behind Evolva about their new company and multi-platform game engine

6 October 2000

FeatureHugh Hancock of Strange Company

Interview - we talk to Hugh Hancock of Strange Company to find out more about their Lithtech Film Producer software and the world of "machinima"

29 September 2000

FeatureJon Gillard of Games Workshop

Interview - we talk with the Games Workshop to find out more about Warhammer Online

22 September 2000

FeatureCrytek Studios

Interview - we talk to the team behind the impressive tech demo used by NVIDIA to showcase their GeForce 2 Ultra at ECTS

16 September 2000

FeatureHammerhead Studios

We interview the British developers behind the forthcoming Playstation game "Blade"

8 September 2000

FeatureAlan Tiquet of NVIDIA

We talk to NVIDIA's European marketing director to find out more about the company's plans for global domination...

1 September 2000

FeatureKarl Jeffery of Climax

Online strategy game developer interviewed

11 August 2000

FeaturePhilip Oliver of Blitz Games

Titan AE developers interviewed

4 August 2000

FeatureNigel Papworth of Daydream Software

Clusterball developers interviewed

21 July 2000

FeatureJason Kingsley of Rebellion

Rebellion talks about 2000AD and Gunlok

14 July 2000

FeatureCristina Neamtu of AMC Creation

Romanian RTS developers interviewed

30 June 2000

FeatureShane Gurno of Human Head

Human Head artist interviewed

23 June 2000

FeatureFranz J Felsl of PopTop

PopTop designer talks about Tropico

16 June 2000

FeatureEric von Rothkirch of Electronic Arts

007 level designer interviewed

9 June 2000

FeatureAndrei Fantana of Impale Ent.

Romanian RTS developers interviewed

2 June 2000

FeatureScott Herrington of Turbine

Turbine's Scott Herrington interviewed

FeatureThe bleem! Team

The bleem! creators, interviewed

5 May 2000

FeatureWarren Marshall of Epic

Epic's Warren Marshall interviewed

8 April 2000

FeatureWarren Spector of Ion Storm (Part Two)

Deus Ex designer interviewed

31 March 2000

FeatureWarren Spector of Ion Storm (Part One)

Deus Ex designer interviewed

24 March 2000

FeatureZsolt Vamosi of Philos Labs

Theocracy designer interviewed

10 March 2000

FeatureMinh Le of Counter Strike team

Half-Life mod's designer interviewed

3 March 2000

FeatureJason Kingsley of Rebellion

Rebellion co-founder interviewed

25 February 2000

FeatureComputer Artworks (Evolva)

Evolva team interviewed

18 February 2000

FeatureXavier Carrillo of Rebel Act Studios

Blade's project manager interviewed

11 February 2000

FeatureBruno Bonnell's speech at ETC 2000

Infogrames founder's speech from ETC 2k

28 January 2000


Italian developers Insidia interviewed

21 January 2000

FeatureMarcus Whitlock of Raven

Marcus Whitlock of Raven interviewed

14 January 2000

FeatureJake Simpson of Raven

Jake Simpson of Raven interviewed

17 December 1999

FeatureSouthEnd Interactive

SouthEnd Interactive interviewed

10 December 1999

FeatureThird Law Interactive

Third Law Interactive interviewed

3 December 1999

FeatureUK Quake 2 Team

The UK Quake II Team interviewed

11 November 1999


An interview with Starbreeze, the Swedish company behind fantasy role playing game Sorcery.

4 November 1999

FeatureTom Hall of Ion Storm

An interview with Tom Hall of Ion Storm.

28 October 1999

FeatureTim Sweeney of Epic Games

An interview with Tim Sweeney of Epic Games.

20 October 1999

FeatureDavid Perry of Shiny

An interview with David Perry of Shiny, which is celebrating its sixth birthday this month.

6 October 1999

FeatureBob Wade of Binary Asylum

An exclusive interview with Bob Wade of Binary Asylum talking about his company, its demise, and the state of the gaming industry.

29 September 1999

FeatureRitual Entertainment

Robert Atkins and Tom Mustaine of Ritual Entertainment take time out from working on "Heavy Metal : FAKK2" to talk to EuroGamer.

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