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Metal Gear Solid has always been a self-referential series, but this is something else entirely; a Metal Gear game that feels like an unofficial rip-off of itself. Even the premise of Metal Gear Survive reads like fanfic. Set in an alternate universe, the player-created character has been sent through a wormhole, along with other Militaires Sans Frontičres soldiers and the remnants of Mother Base, to a world populated by weird crystallised zombies. It all feels strangely heartless; without Hideo Kojima at the tiller, those odd moments you'd previously write off as the eccentricities or flights of fancy of one man can now feel empty, soulless and written by committee by comparison.

Arizona Sunshine on PSVR is a nightmare to control with Sony's Move controllers. The game, originally released for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift late last year, is a VR zombie shooter that allows the player to wander around a dusty desert landscape blasting the undead in the head whilst dual-wielding a large number of real world weapons.

Digital FoundryDigital Foundry: Hands-on with Sony's near-final Project Morpheus

Impressions from Sony's GDC 2015 presentation, and London Studio's new Heist demo.

You're probably fully aware of the revised spec for the Project Morpheus development kit by now, said to closely resemble the capabilities of the final model: a native 1080p display is in place with full RGB sub-pixel precision, OLED display technology is a lock, with a phenomenal 120Hz refresh confirmed. The spec is highly impressive on paper, but how does it feel once the visor is lowered into place?

Nintendo 2DS hands-on

How does Nintendo's odd new handheld shape up to the 3DS, and how does it feel? New comparison shots inside.

Just as Apple is rumoured to be working on a budget-price iPhone to attract a larger audience, Nintendo is hoping to capture a different userbase with the 2DS, the latest iteration on its handheld formula. Its launch is unlikely to upset anyone who's recently bought a 3DS or 3DS XL - and don't expect either of those two models to disappear any time soon. Positioned at a lower price point and targeted at a wider market, the fact 2DS will launch alongside family-friendly titles Pokémon X and Y on 12th October is no coincidence. The wedge-shaped handheld will be a sibling to the existing 3DS family, an additional option rather than any sort of replacement or improvement.

Aion Patch 2.5

"The game we wish we could have launched with."

When Aion was developed during the ever-expanding WOW bubble, there was still a feeling in the air that Blizzard had achieved something extraordinary, yet only exposed the merest tip of a subscriber iceberg. Surely - the dollar-eyed reasoning went - if a single game could attract a seven-digit subscriber base, then the overall potential must be unimaginably higher.

Twisted Metal

Mettle detector.

"What is it you guys call me? What it is over there?" David Jaffe is racking his brain for a British slang term he gets labelled with in Eurogamer comments threads. "Wanker?" I suggest, recalling a similar conversation with Cliff Bleszinski about his online relationship with gamers.


Angry nerds.

When RAGE was announced a few years ago, the common consensus was that it was another big, dumb shooter (but this time with cars); another id Software game where the technology was in the driving seat and the game logic and creativity were riding double-barrelled shotgun.

Resistance 3

Reinventing the wheel.

After a faithful 16-year love affair, Insomniac Games and Sony are officially seeing other people.

You already know about the bizarre shift Red Faction Armageddon has made from Guerilla's worthy socialist plot to an "alien invasion". Basically, folks (that's you) seemed to think imposing the story of Das Kapital on a "blowing-stuff-up" shooter held the same socialist fascination as monkey-suited Ed Miliband explaining how he's against cuts whilst in favour of cuts whilst making cross-eyed faces like he's crapping himself, and oh God that BORING voice...

Uncharted 3 Multiplayer

Drakes on a plane.

A cargo plane accelerates down a runway with Drake and his compatriots stowed away inside. As the rear door yawns wide-open, a convoy of terrorist-carrying trucks is in hot pursuit.

It's impossible to play Gears of War 3's multiplayer beta without hearing an internal narration from Cliff Bleszinski. Roadie-running from our spawn, shotgun cocked, the first thing we see is a chicken. "That's no chicken, that's a mother****ing Gears chicken!"

Dragon's Dogma

Scale away.

Let's be honest. We've never asked ourselves, what if Capcom's Devil May Cry team employed its action expertise to create a game which could be described as Monster Hunter meets Oblivion? But then we're not in the business of making games. Capcom is, and that's exactly what it's done. Say hello to Dragon's Dogma.

inFamous 2

Fox news.

Sucker Punch's home is roughly a 15 minute drive south west from the spreadsheet-porn palaces of Microsoft and Nintendo. Well-hidden among the sterile sprawl of Bellevue, Washington, it's filed away in one of the city's numerous towers of gleaming anonymity.It's refreshing and somewhat surprising when the elevator doors part to reveal a team of 80-odd artists and technicians creating video games.

Guild Wars 2

Wow factor.

"We don't intend to be number two this time. We certainly have our sights set on number one."


Just for wand day.

Finland? Funland, more like! Or at least that is the impression you might have cultivated had you peered at my distinctly Nordic appointment schedule at the Game Developers Conference this month. For it was there I not only played charming gravity-based PSN platformer Rochard, but also received a riotous introduction to MotoHeroz - the latest game from Trials HD developer RedLynx.

From Dust


In From Dust you're God, and God, in turn, is a vacuum cleaner. He's a frantic, over-worked, middle-managery kind of vacuum cleaner, if that's remotely possible, and one that's locked in constant, hectic mediation between populace and environment. You know, just like a vacuum cleaner.

London, 1800 hours. Following confirmed and reconfirmed reports of an Operation Flashpoint: Red River co-op event, I've been parachuted into West London to infiltrate Samarqand, a central Asian restaurant. Here I must blend in with the locals to gain access to the code.

Shadows of the Damned

A matter of light and death.

It was perhaps inevitable that a new action horror game involving Shinji Mikami would echo certain elements of Resident Evil 4, such as the claustrophobic camera angle you're forced into whenever you go to fire your gun.

Alice: Madness Returns

Screw the looking glass.

Poor old Alice. She's back in Wonderland and it's an increasingly miserable place, horribly corrupted by her slackening hold on reality. Specifically she's in Queens Land, home of the Queen of Hearts and her playing card minions. The stony castle has been overgrown by ivy and neglect and now festers under a piss-yellow sky of despair.


It's a G thing.

As a species, why have we not invested more of our energy into manipulating gravity? Especially when it's clearly so much fun. Sure, toasters with multiple speed settings are cool, and who doesn't like iPod docks - but if a fraction of the R&D budget of, say, the Ford researchers devoting their energies to new trucks was re-employed in the pursuit of a trampoline with inertial dampeners, or a Nerf gun which fires those foam sticks in slow motion, we'd have world peace by next Tuesday. Just saying.

The Gunstringer

Super Marionette World.

I have reasons to suspect that Twisted Pixel may be an uncommonly classy studio. Alongside the fact the team's quietly worked from the depths of contract development all the way up to making lovely original games like 'Splosion Man, it's also dealt rather elegantly with prickly issues such as hit-and-run iPhone clones released by major publishers. Now it's dealt rather elegantly with Kinect, too, creating a rough-housing arcade shooter that boasts – among many delightful features – the ability to play it sitting down. Go, Texas.

Child of Eden

Combat Evolved.

Whether it's a Kinect game for the rest of us, a bold audiovisual sculpture, or even, y'know, a twitchy arcade rail shooter, Child of Eden is looking wonderful. Sounds pulse, lights blink and shift, lines warp and flutter and then slowly congregate to form space whales or galaxy-spanning birds - it's a bit like enjoying a Valium overdose while you relax in a glass elevator filled with orange Fanta and Bonjela. (We checked.)

Hunted: The Demon's Forge

Devils may cry.

Co-op fantasy monster-masher Hunted: The Demon's Forge lands this summer, yet I bet your knowledge of it is still fuzzy and disorganised. Maybe you've read our preview with inExile founder Brian Fargo talking about how the game is "bringing the classic dungeon crawl back". Perhaps you've heard the community chatter that dubs the game "Gears of Warcraft". Maybe you've looked at a picture of it and thought: breasts! And who could blame you? If I were Brian Fargo, I'd have called the game Bones 'n Breasts, in a classy nod to 1988 classic Ghouls 'n Ghosts.


A closer look at the sprinting man's shooter.

"Alright!" cries supernaturally chipper Splash Damage CEO Paul Wedgwood towards the assembled journalists. "If you go into customisation, you'll be able to change anything about your character that you like. We've unlocked everything and bumped you up to level six, so you'll be able to select all of the content."

Nintendo 3DS: Launch Title Lowdown

Mario! Zelda! Monkeys! Cars! Etc.

There's just one month to go now until Nintendo releases its shiny new handheld and everyone in the world throws their 3D specs in a bin. Yes, as of 25th March, we'll all be able to enjoy glorious, glasses-free, three-dimensional gaming with the Nintendo 3DS.

Gears of War 3 Beta

Fenix nights.

How do you follow a game like Gears 2? What do you need to dream up in order to compete with a weighty thrill-ride that pitched its players headfirst into frantic Brumack warfare, before sending them wriggling through the shifting guts of a giant city-sinking worm?

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Terminator, too.

Now, where did we leave things? Last time on Deus Ex Street, poor Adam had been beaten senseless then strapped to an operating table to have most of his internal organs and limbs replaced, nice Dr Megan had gone missing and those naughty geezers from the other side of town had been causing all kinds of problems for friendly neighbourhood science genius David Sarif.

The Witcher 2

400 year-old Vergen.

I'm an explorer at heart. I'm never happier than when I'm lost in a world that exists for its own sake, rather than as a fleshed-out backdrop for 20 predetermined hours of linear derring-do.

inFamous 2

Fully charged?

Every now and then, Hollywood has a spasm and churns out pairs of movies about the same thing. Giant space rocks provided the drama for both Deep Impact and Armageddon. Lava threatened famous faces in Dante's Peak and Volcano. Magicians got all huffy in The Illusionist and The Prestige.

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