Guild Wars 2 Archive

ArenaNet's Guild Wars 2 is an interesting beast. Since 2012, the Fantasy MMORPG has offered players the chance to delve into the world of Tyria any time they want without ever being charged a subscription fee. Not something we see very often.

Guild Wars 2 review

A new era.

Funny thing about expectations: they can blind you both ways. After claims that Guild Wars 2 would shake up the stagnant genre of massively multiplayer online games, many were surprised, and a little disappointed, to find that it looked and played just like an MMO. But deflated expectations can be just as deceptive as the hype that led to them.

Guild Wars 2: At the Frontlines of World vs. World

Quintin makes a foray into the maddest, meanest feature of Guild Wars 2.

It's the most nondescript day imaginable. 2pm on Thursday afternoon, and a spell of British anti-weather (sun like a cheap lightbulb) has me feeling neither warm nor cold. But I am sweating, and I am rapt.

Guild Wars 2: The Five Races

Do you know which you should play? Don't make our mistake.

OK. Following those first few rickety hours where I was disappointed at how much of an MMORPG Guild Wars 2 is - as documented in our collective diary - I've since found that I do, in fact, have another MMORPG in me. This game twisted open my genre fatigue like a rich man presented with a cheap lobster, and has commenced slurping the free time from my reticent carapace.

Guild Wars 2 Head Start Diary

Read through Oli, Tom, Christian, John, Alec and Quintin's adventures in Tyria over the bank holiday weekend.

Guild Wars 2 is officially out on Tuesday 28th August, but several Eurogamer writers have spent the UK bank holiday weekend running around the three-day Head Start period reporting on our experiences. We'll do a proper review of the game once we've had more time to play it, but in the meantime you can see what we made of the game as we got stuck into it.