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11 April 2007

5 April 2007

3 April 2007

The Eurogamer TV Show - Episode 9

The Darkness, Fantastic 4 and 360 vs PS3: a real-life gaming boss battle.

C&C3 'Kanes' UK Chart

We've been saving that one, obv.

30 March 2007

Feature | What's New? (30th March, 2007)

The latest PAL releases with rubbish names.

29 March 2007

More details on Hitman flick

Filming has begun. Get it, gun.

Vivendi sued over seizures

Accused of "negligence".

27 March 2007

PS3 storms UK top ten

Resistance, MotorStorm up top.

23 March 2007

Feature | What's New? (23rd March, 2007)

The latest PAL releases, where 'late' is the operative word.

20 March 2007

Vice City Stories steals a march

On top of the UK Charts.

12 March 2007

The Eurogamer TV Show - Episode 8

GRAW for real, Oblivion PS3, Xbox goes urban and ATEI 2007.

9 March 2007

E3 confirmed for July

ESA dishes out invites.

GDC: Gears bags more awards

Followed by Okami, Wii Sports.

7 March 2007

6 March 2007

Review | Final Fantasy VI Advance

Locke up your daughters.

FFXII hogs top spot

PS2 holds its own.

5 March 2007

Eurogamer competition winners

We name and shame you.

Richard Joseph dies

Legend passes away aged 53.

2 March 2007

GDC 2007 next week

We'll bring you everything.

1 March 2007

Next-gen Havok engine at GDC

Best behaviour so far.

More Civilization in 2008

Says Take-Two financial results.

27 February 2007

FFXII holds off Crackdown

PS2 exclusive claims top spot.

EA gets new big boss

Probst out, Riccitiello in.

25 February 2007

Review | Yggdra Union

You godda be a big fan of turn-based strategy for this one.

23 February 2007

Feature | What's New? (23rd Feb, 2007)

PAL game releases and thank god he's leaving.

20 February 2007

Games help surgeons perform

42 percent better, says study.

FIFA blah blah Charts etc.

Can't you all buy something else?

16 February 2007

"Respect Ratings" - Gamestop

Retailer aims to educate parents.

Feature | What's New? (16th Feb, 2007)

Unsustainable rubbish with a list of new releases on the bottom.

Feature | Editorial: Commodity Value

How convergence will change the landscape of gaming forever.

9 February 2007

Buena Vista renames itself

Maybe they squealed on the mob.

Feature | Editorial: Casual Gaming

Ubiquity is the keyword as casual gaming comes of age.

7 February 2007

Kingdom Hearts breaks 10m

Franchise flexes large sales.

6 February 2007

Eurogamer Network to hire US editor

Application deadline: 23rd Feb.

Lost Planet stuck fast at 1

UK Charts: five new entries.

1 February 2007

Dell denies handheld plans

But keeps options open.

23 January 2007

Feature | Super Columbine Massacre RPG - Part 2

Have videogames gone far enough?

22 January 2007

18 January 2007

16 January 2007

Lost Planet finds top spot

UK Charts: Wario Ware at two.

12 January 2007

Feature | Distorted Vision

Public perception of games still lags behind the reality.