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9 February 2015

27 November 2014

26 March 2014

Wii U Virtual Console gets first GBA game next week

UPDATE: Full roster announced, titles cost Ł6.29 each.

17 February 2014

21 April 2013

10 May 2012

25 April 2012

Video | Tales series producer answers fan questions in video

No plans to make Western-orientated games.

11 April 2012

SNES celebrates 20th birthday in UK

Eurogamer blows out the candles, dust.

16 October 2011

21 August 2011

9 June 2011

Video | Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary vid

Misty-eyed Miyamoto's Nintendo nostalgia.

7 June 2011

New games to celebrate Zelda's 25th

Miyamoto offers links to past

19 April 2011

1 April 2011

Metacritic dev scores gone for good

Admits they're "not fair".

29 March 2011

Metacritic halts developer career scores

"It is a work in progress."

28 March 2011

Metacritic rates individual developers

Miyamoto on 80 career score.

16 November 2010

And Japan's most-played console is…

Hint: It's not the Xbox 360.

20 October 2010

Miyamoto: Mario originally had a gun

Plus, magic mushroom inspiration revealed.

21 September 2010

Cammie Dunaway leaves Nintendo

Who will wear the white trousers now?

13 September 2010

Video | Super Mario Bros 25th birthday vid

Nintendo's sleb-reel of tributes.

25 July 2010

23 September 2009

White men over-represented in games

Not enough diversity, says study.

15 June 2009

Tetris: the "definition of a virtual sport"

Creator Pajitnov sees a mental future.

22 May 2009

Miyamoto "is not God", says Iwata

Even though he made weighing yourself fun.

28 April 2009

Miyamoto slips down TIME list

Now 42nd most influential, not 1st.

20 March 2009

Nintendo has "major" DSi app strategy

Pushes developers to split resources.

19 March 2009

New York opens videogaming museum

Ageing relics preserved, playable.

12 March 2009

GameCube made Miyamoto "very sad"

He felt Nintendo's games didn't "stand out".

7 November 2008

Why Dennis Hopper did the Mario movie

Wanted to buy ungrateful child shoes.

29 October 2008

Review | Mother 3

Found in translation.

22 October 2008

Help save videogames from extinction

And choose which survive.

13 August 2008

Japan still loves Pokémon films

Pet-fighting animations make millions.

10 July 2008

More sign up for career fair

THQ, SEGA and NCsoft all on board.

22 May 2008

BBFC launches new ratings system

For downloadable games and movies.

21 May 2008

New Eurogamer Portugal site launches

New pin appears in map on office wall.

9 May 2008

New Marvel: Ultimate Alliance coming

Later this year, but no word on platforms.

2 May 2008

Miyamoto wins Time's Top 100 poll

Is voted most influential man of 2008.

11 April 2008

Miyamoto appears in Time's top 100

Can he make people thin?

7 April 2008

Who cares about the console war - THQ

Exec reckons it's "totally irrelevant".

3 April 2008

72 per cent of Americans play games

Well, played at least one last year.

1 April 2008

One Life Left on air tonight

Less emphasis on libel and dancing.

Eurogamer t-shirts now on sale

Shameless peddling now on site.

24 February 2008

Feature | Blu-ray: No Hollow Victory Editorial: Triumph comes not a moment too soon.

24 January 2008

THQ bins games, series, studio

No more Juiced or Stuntman.

14 January 2008

Tom becomes Eurogamer editor

Kristan moves upstairs.

9 November 2007

Feature | The History of Mario

Twenty-five years of plumbing the heights.

25 October 2007

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