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Advance Wars retrospective

Lightning strike!

When you're around four or five or maybe even six years old, carpets suddenly become very interesting. They provide the topography for the varied worlds of your imagination: the gentle plains of the moon or Mars, the battlefields of ancient myth. As a kid, I spent an inordinate amount of time carefully getting out my various toys and arranging them on the carpet in the living room. My secret shame - I sensed it even then - was that, once the arranging was taken care of, I couldn't really think of much else to do with them, so I carefully put them away again. That's a classic weekend right there.

SNES celebrates 20th birthday in UK

Eurogamer blows out the candles, dust.

1992 was the year Bill Clinton became US President, Charles and Di split and, on the 11th April, when Nintendo launched its new console in the UK. The Super Nintendo Entertainment System cost Ł150.

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Miyamoto: Mario originally had a gun

Plus, magic mushroom inspiration revealed.

In early builds of Nintendo's classic platformer Super Mario Bros, the iconic plumber wielded a gun, creator Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed.

Golf has never been my sport. I tried it once. You have to hit the ball really hard. It just felt wrong. I couldn't bring myself to hit anything that solid such a long way. Someone could get hurt! Clearly, crazy golf is more my sport. (I still believe I'm going to get rich with my idea for full-scale crazy golf. Actual windmills for the windmill. Convert a hillside into a clown's head. It's the best idea any human has ever had.)

White men over-represented in games

Not enough diversity, says study.

White adult males are over-represented as central characters in videogames, according to a study by American universities that a nice man emailed us about. Thanks, nice man.

Miyamoto "is not God", says Iwata

Even though he made weighing yourself fun.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has said his most famous employee isn't infallible - even though he doesn't half come up with a good idea now and again.

Miyamoto slips down TIME list

Now 42nd most influential, not 1st.

Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto has been voted the 42nd most influential person in the world by readers of the TIME website.

New York opens videogaming museum

Ageing relics preserved, playable.

The National Center for the History of Electronic Games has opened in New York, and claims to be "the only museum anywhere devoted solely to the study and interpretation of play".

GameCube made Miyamoto "very sad"

He felt Nintendo's games didn't "stand out".

Speaking to Japanese magazine Famitsu - as reported by 1up - Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed his sadness at the lack of popularity and creative-dead end Nintendo experienced during the GameCube era.

Why Dennis Hopper did the Mario movie

Wanted to buy ungrateful child shoes.

Acting legend Dennis Hopper has revealed why he really agreed to be in the Super Mario Bros. film. And no, it wasn't because he thought it was just such a great script.

Mother 3

Found in translation.

Few pregnancies have been as painful and protracted as Mother 3's. The follow-up to Super Nintendo classic Earthbound, a game that won a dedicated following for its cute and funny modern-world styling of the Japanese RPG, was first announced twelve years ago. Numerous false starts and broken promises later, lead designer Shigesato Itoi finally announced its imminent Japanese release for the Game Boy Advance on his blog in 2005.

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