Features Archive Page 110

8 May 2000

FeatureNoddy's Guide To Graphics Card Jargon

Graphics card jargon explained

7 May 2000

FeatureWarlords Battlecry

Fantasy real-time strategy preview

5 May 2000

FeatureWarren Marshall of Epic

Epic's Warren Marshall interviewed

1 May 2000

30 April 2000

FeatureKISS : Psycho Circus

First person shooter previewed

29 April 2000

FeatureInternational Cricket Captain 2000

Bats and balls management previewed

27 April 2000

FeatureGeForce 2 GTS

NVIDIA's latest graphics card previewed

24 April 2000

FeatureThe Professional

Playing games for money

23 April 2000

FeatureHeavy Metal : FAKK2

Third person action game previewed

20 April 2000


Futuristic convict-a-thon previewed

15 April 2000


Visually impressive RPG previewed

14 April 2000

FeatureRazer-CPL Coverage

Live from Dallas, Texas!

12 April 2000

FeatureGuilty Gear

"Here's goodly gear,"

9 April 2000

FeaturePC Gamer UT Championship coverage

Coverage from PC Gamer Champs

8 April 2000

FeatureWarren Spector of Ion Storm (Part Two)

Deus Ex designer interviewed

5 April 2000

FeatureMartian Gothic : Unification

Spooky action adventure game previewed

FeatureGaming Globes 2000 results

Gaming's answer to the Oscars!

4 April 2000

FeatureX-Boxed In?

Has Microsoft shot itself in the foot so early in the day?

FeatureEuroLAN #1 coverage

Coverage from EuroLAN #1

3 April 2000


3D RTS previewed

31 March 2000

FeatureWarren Spector of Ion Storm (Part One)

Deus Ex designer interviewed

30 March 2000

FeatureSony's Bombshell

Reignition for SCEI

FeatureToshinden 4

The master returns

29 March 2000


Role-playing adventure game previewed

27 March 2000

FeatureVideo Nasty?

Gaming violence and Dispatches

26 March 2000

FeatureGaming Globes 2000 nominees

Gaming's answer to the Oscars!

24 March 2000

FeatureZsolt Vamosi of Philos Labs

Theocracy designer interviewed

22 March 2000

FeatureDeep Fighter

Underwater action game previewed

20 March 2000

FeatureThe Dereth Diary : Volume Three

Life in Asheron's Call

19 March 2000

FeatureWall Street Tycoon

Stock market sim previewed

15 March 2000

FeatureThief 2 : The Metal Age

First person sneaker previewed

13 March 2000

FeatureThe Dereth Diary : Volume Two

Life in Asheron's Call

10 March 2000

FeatureMinh Le of Counter Strike team

Half-Life mod's designer interviewed

8 March 2000

FeatureEarth 2150

3D strategy game previewed

6 March 2000

FeatureThe Dereth Diary : Volume One

My life in Asheron's Call

3 March 2000

FeatureJason Kingsley of Rebellion

Rebellion co-founder interviewed

1 March 2000


Sci-fi action RPG previewed

28 February 2000

FeatureLet Sleeping Dogs Die

An obituary for Cavedog

27 February 2000

FeatureLemmings Revolution

3D puzzle game previewed

25 February 2000

FeatureComputer Artworks (Evolva)

Evolva team interviewed

23 February 2000


Squad based sci-fi shooter previewed

19 February 2000

FeatureRazer-CPL Qualifier coverage

Coverage from London, UK

18 February 2000

FeatureXavier Carrillo of Rebel Act Studios

Blade's project manager interviewed

16 February 2000

FeatureAMD - The Future

To 1GHz, and beyond!

14 February 2000

FeatureDirectX @ ETC 2000

What's Microsoft up to now?

13 February 2000

FeatureThe Time Machine

Adventure game previewed

11 February 2000

FeatureBruno Bonnell's speech at ETC 2000

Infogrames founder's speech from ETC 2k

9 February 2000

FeatureGround Control

3D strategy game previewed

7 February 2000

FeatureD&D - DND

Time for something new in RPGs?

6 February 2000


Online action-strategy game previewed

2 February 2000

FeatureDeus Ex

First person RPG previewed

31 January 2000

FeatureOnline Gaming For The Masses

How consoles will change the online gaming world

28 January 2000


Italian developers Insidia interviewed

26 January 2000


An RTS with a difference previewed

21 January 2000

FeatureXSi Coverage

Live from Stockholm

FeatureMarcus Whitlock of Raven

Marcus Whitlock of Raven interviewed

19 January 2000


LAN quality gaming over the net?

17 January 2000

FeatureLicensed To Kill?

Gaming licenses

14 January 2000

FeatureJake Simpson of Raven

Jake Simpson of Raven interviewed

12 January 2000

FeatureEuroLeague Football

Soccer management game previewed

10 January 2000

FeatureTo Be Or Not To Be

Gaming with BeOS

5 January 2000


First look at new Cryo adventure

3 January 2000

FeatureFuture Of Gaming

EuroGamer takes a look in the crystal ball

1 January 2000

FeaturePicks For 2000

Games to look out for in Y2K

30 December 1999

FeatureThe Millenium For Gamers

Key events of the last thousand years!

29 December 1999

FeatureGames Of The Millenium

The Best Games .. Ever!

28 December 1999

Feature1999 For Gamers

Some of the key events of 1999

27 December 1999

FeatureGames Of The Year 1999

Best of the year

22 December 1999

FeatureDemolition Racer

Destructive racing game previewed

20 December 1999

FeatureTwo's Company

"Q3A sux0rs! UT r0x!" Oh dear...

17 December 1999

FeatureSouthEnd Interactive

SouthEnd Interactive interviewed

13 December 1999

FeatureThe OGA

What the hell is it?

10 December 1999

FeatureThird Law Interactive

Third Law Interactive interviewed

6 December 1999

FeaturePlease Release Me

Waiting for Godot

3 December 1999

FeatureUK Quake 2 Team

The UK Quake II Team interviewed

1 December 1999


Bulgarian strategy game previewed

27 November 1999

FeatureLAN Arena 3 coverage

Live coverage from Paris!

24 November 1999


Online space trading game previewed

22 November 1999

FeatureSound And Vision

Putting the multi back into multimedia...

17 November 1999

FeatureIndiana Jones & The Infernal Machine

The original tomb raider is back in action! Move over Lara...

15 November 1999

FeatureOn The Ropes?

Have 3dfx lost the plot? EuroGamer examines the latest announcements from Comdex...

11 November 1999


An interview with Starbreeze, the Swedish company behind fantasy role playing game Sorcery.

10 November 1999

FeatureSorcery preview

Fantasy role playing, Swedish style. EuroGamer investigates...

8 November 1999

FeatureThe Final Frontier?

Where are space simulations going in the future? Mat Bettinson says, "To understand the future - we must look to the past" .. or something.

4 November 1999

FeatureTom Hall of Ion Storm

An interview with Tom Hall of Ion Storm.

3 November 1999

FeatureStar Trek : Hidden Evil

EuroGamer baldly goes, previewing Activision's new "Star Trek : The Next Generation" adventure game...

28 October 1999

FeatureTim Sweeney of Epic Games

An interview with Tim Sweeney of Epic Games.

27 October 1999

FeatureFlanker 2.0

A chance to fly for the other side and blow up Americans.

25 October 1999

FeatureGenre Benders

Cloning is out, hybridisation is in. Is this the end of gaming genres?

20 October 1999

FeatureDavid Perry of Shiny

An interview with David Perry of Shiny, which is celebrating its sixth birthday this month.

19 October 1999


Face temptation in this new adventure game from Cryo.

18 October 1999

FeatureDollywood And The Gaming Industry

Or : "It's the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)"

11 October 1999

FeatureWhose Game Is It Anyway?

The internet and the rise of the armchair game designer.

6 October 1999

FeatureBob Wade of Binary Asylum

An exclusive interview with Bob Wade of Binary Asylum talking about his company, its demise, and the state of the gaming industry.

29 September 1999

FeatureRitual Entertainment

Robert Atkins and Tom Mustaine of Ritual Entertainment take time out from working on "Heavy Metal : FAKK2" to talk to EuroGamer.

27 September 1999

FeatureQuake Across The Ocean

A comparison of the UK and US Quake scenes, through the eyes of someone who has lived in both countries.

21 September 1999

FeatureBattleZone II

Travel to strange alien planets, meet interesting bio-mechanical life-forms, and blow them up.

20 September 1999

FeatureUKPCGC Finals coverage

Full coverage from the UK PC Gaming Championship finals in London, including reports from many of the key matches...

16 September 1999

FeatureEurope.HEAT.net launch

Gestalt recovers from his hangover long enough to bring you a report on last night's launch party for Europe.HEAT.net!

14 September 1999

Feature3dfx "Napalm"

Is 3dfx's next graphics card going to set the world on fire? Gestalt investigates...