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24 February 2013

Digital FoundryNeo Geo X review

Digital Foundry finds out if this pocket-sized arcade system lives up to the legend.

17 February 2013

Digital FoundryHTC 8X review

Can Windows Phone 8 offer a viable alternative to iOS and Android, and how well does it integrate with Xbox Live? Digital Foundry finds out.

3 February 2013

Digital FoundryPlayStation 3 12GB Super Slim review

Can Sony's entry-level PS3 load games faster than the hard drive models? Digital Foundry presents its in-depth review.

2 February 2013

Digital FoundryWii U GamePad Android knock-off review

Digital Foundry says hello to the Android JXD S7300, the latest clone from the Far East.

20 January 2013

Digital FoundryThe Digital Foundry budget graphics card upgrade guide

How much performance can be extracted from 80-130 graphics hardware? And are there any second-hand bargains?

17 January 2013

Digital FoundryRazer Sabertooth review

Can the case be made for a 70 joypad?

13 January 2013

Digital FoundryKindle Fire HD review

Is Amazon's revised tablet a worthy competitor to the Nexus 7? Digital Foundry takes a look.

6 January 2013

Digital FoundryArchos GamePad review

An Android tablet with physical gaming controls - is it a match made in heaven? Digital Foundry investigates.

20 December 2012

Digital FoundryApple iPad 4 review

Is your vintage 2012 third gen tablet now obsolete?

18 December 2012

Digital FoundryDarbee Darblet review

Meet the video processor designed to make your movies and games look richer and more detailed.

16 December 2012

Digital FoundrySamsung Galaxy Note 2 review

Everyone's favourite phone/tablet hybrid gets a makeover. Digital Foundry tackles the biggest Android phone yet.

12 December 2012

Digital FoundryNintendo Wii Mini review

Digital Foundry tears down the new Wii Mini - in more ways than one.

2 December 2012

Digital FoundryRetrode 2 review

There's life in those old cartridges yet. Meet the hardware add-on that could legitimise retro emulation.

25 November 2012

Digital FoundryGoogle Nexus 4 review

Nexus Phwoar? Digital Foundry reviews the quad-core Android which costs half as much as the iPhone 5.

19 November 2012

Digital FoundryNintendo Wii U review

Does the next-gen start now? Digital Foundry reviews the US Wii U.

14 November 2012

Digital FoundryMotorola Razr I review

Intel is gunning for mobile success, but does it give this Razr the edge? Digital Foundry finds out.

10 November 2012

6 November 2012

Digital FoundryAcer Iconia Tab A700 review

Android finally challenges the iPad's Retina screen, but how does this Tegra tablet stack up elsewhere? Digital Foundry takes a look.

3 November 2012

Digital FoundryFifth Gen iPod Touch review

Is there still room in the market for iPhone's little brother? Digital Foundry finds out.

24 October 2012

Digital FoundryAndroid on a stick: Klastor UG802 review

30 for an ultra-portable dual-core media centre with the same GPU as the Samsung Galaxy S3? Digital Foundry investigates.

17 October 2012

Digital FoundryAMD Virgo review

A quad-core CPU plus gaming graphics card on a single chip? Digital Foundry puts AMD's latest Fusion tech through its paces.

14 October 2012

Digital FoundryHauppauge HD PVR 2 review

Looking to record and share HD gameplay? Digital Foundry assesses a new contender.

13 October 2012

Digital FoundrySony Xperia T review

Digital Foundry goes hands-on with Bond's new mobile.

7 October 2012

Digital FoundryRetina MacBook Pro review

Can Apple's laptop tech run extreme resolution 2880x1800 gaming? Digital Foundry investigates.

2 October 2012

Digital FoundryWhat's inside the new PlayStation 3?

Tear-down videos reveal internal secrets of the latest model.

30 September 2012

Digital FoundryNVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 review

Can this sub-200 Kepler outperform its nearest AMD rivals? Digital Foundry finds out.

29 September 2012

Digital FoundryThe ultimate open source handheld: the return of Pandora

The astonishing story behind the world's first crowd-funded console, plus full review of the new 1GHz edition.

23 September 2012

Digital FoundryiPhone 5 review

Does Apple's latest deliver a leap in browsing and gameplay performance over the excellent 4S?

21 September 2012

Digital FoundryDigital Foundry goes hands-on with the new super-slim PS3

The Blacksmith of the Future's take on the 500GB CECH-4000 console.

17 September 2012

Digital FoundryWorld's first open source controller hits Kickstarter

iControlPad 2 features analogue/digital control plus full QWERTY keyboard.

16 September 2012

Digital FoundryGeForce GTX 680M Review

Can NVIDIA's top-of-the-line laptop GPU out-muscle AMD's powerhouse 7970M?

9 September 2012

Digital FoundryRadeon HD 7870 Review

AMD is back in the game as the 7870 slips below 200 - Digital Foundry takes a look at a new overclocked version of the enthusiasts' favourite.

7 September 2012

2 September 2012

Digital FoundrySurround Sound Headset Face-Off

Sharkoon X-Tatic Digital, Turtle Beach PX5, Astro A50 and the Tritton Warhead 7.1 put to the test.

1 September 2012

Digital FoundryThe Most Blatant Hardware Clone Ever: Droid X360 Reviewed

Can this Android-based Vita pretender teach Sony a few lessons? Digital Foundry finds out.

16 August 2012

Digital FoundryNVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Ti Review

Digital Foundry's take on the brand-new 250 Kepler.

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