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Battlefield 4 Premium Edition out later this month

Has all the DLC plus priority position in server queues.

Now that Battlefield Hardline has been delayed to 2015, there's no new Battlefield game out this year. So, publisher EA has put together a Battlefield 4 Premium Edition, set for release this month.

Battlefield 4's most important patch rolls out today

Big changes to everything from weapons to character movement.

It's been nearly a year since EA released first-person shooter Battlefield 4. The game launched in a terrible state that left many unable to play, and since then developer DICE has fought to improve matters with a raft of patches. But none are as important as the one due out today.

The Payday 2 website has been updated with news of another upcoming DLC pack, but you may be forgiven for thinking you've clicked through to a different game by mistake. The page is a pretty spot-on parody of EA and DICE's Battlefield series, right down to the logo, glowing orange and teal colour scheme and pounding soundtrack.

EA addresses "unacceptable" Battlefield 4 launch

DICE changes the way it makes games ahead of Battlefield Hardline.

EA has addressed what the boss of the company has described as the "unacceptable" launch of Battlefield 4 - and detailed the new processes it has put in place to prevent it from happening again.

DICE vows to continue to support Battlefield 4

As Visceral reveals Battlefield Hardline video is six months old.

Principle Battlefield developer DICE has vowed to continue to support Battlefield 4 despite the announcement of Battlefield Hardline, set for launch later this year.

Battlefield 4 Second Assault release dates announced

Third expansion Naval Strike out late March.

The Battlefield 4 Second Assault expansion that launched as a timed Xbox One exclusive in November releases on 18th February for Battlefield 4 Premium members on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, DICE has announced.

Digital FoundryNext-Gen Face-Off: Battlefield 4

Retail hardware, final code - the complete analysis.

After running our preview comparison of Battlefield 4 exactly one month ago, it was startling to see how great the advantage proved for one platform in particular; a shocking signifier of the form all future next-gen comparisons might take. The PS4 had the higher internal resolution, a considerable performance lead in motion, and the addition of extra effects such as horizon-based ambient occlusion entirely missing on Xbox One. But now, with the retail releases out in the wild, we can see to what extent this disparity is set in stone, and whether DICE's implication of further tweaks to the Xbox One release actually makes up any ground.