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Digital FoundryPerformance analysis: inFamous: Second Son

Digital Foundry gets to grips with Sucker Punch's technologically outstanding PS4 exclusive.

Following in the wake of technological showcase that is Killzone: Shadow Fall, Sony's first-party studios surprise and delight us once again with a stunning new workout for the next-gen PlayStation 4 hardware - inFamous: Second Son. Unfortunately, owing to a combination of factors (GDC, Project Morpheus, Metal Gear Solid and the late arrival of inFamous code, if you're wondering), we didn't have the time to bring you a full tech analysis at launch, but we couldn't mark the arrival of this beautiful title without a spot of Digital Foundry coverage.

Battlefield 3: End Game review

That's all, folks.

There's a pleasing finality to calling a DLC pack "End Game". It's been well over a year since Battlefield 3 was released, and we can now look back over five expansion packs and truly appreciate how that core game has evolved and expanded. It's a view as impressive as anything conjured up by the Frostbite 2 engine over the last 16 months.

This, the third in Battlefield 3's conveyor belt of downloadable content, finds DICE showboating in style. If the developer were a rock star, it'd have its foot on the monitor right now, as the audience held their lighters aloft. Back to Karkand's updated fan favourite maps was the obligatory run through the classic hits from yesteryear while Close Quarters, with its blatant COD tempo, was a punchy, punky cover version thrown into the mix to shake things up. To stretch the stadium rock metaphor to breaking point, Armored Kill is the epic ten-minute blow out, all guitar and drum solos, a ballad of fire and smoke.

EA publishes, pulls Battlefield 3 Premium trailer

UPDATE: DICE confirms five hour Battlelog downtime today.

UPDATE: Battlefield developer DICE has confirmed Battlelog will be down for maintenance today for five hours as it prepares for the launch of Battlefield 3 Premium and the Close Quarters expansion.

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