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21 August 2000

FeatureAdult Movies?

X-Rated in British Columbia

14 August 2000

FeatureNoddy's Guide To Home Networking

How to build a LAN in your own home

7 August 2000

FeatureWGDC 2000 - Direct3D

State of the art 3D graphics

4 August 2000

FeatureDeveloping Videogames with Linux

The open source phenomenon

31 July 2000

FeatureWGDC 2000 - DirectInput Mapper

Microsoft's config system revealed

24 July 2000

FeatureWGDC 2000 - DirectSound and DirectMusic

New sound and music features in DirectX 8

17 July 2000

FeatureEuroLAN #2 coverage

Coverage from EuroLAN #2

10 July 2000

FeatureWGDC 2000 - DirectPlay Voice

Voice comms for multiplayer games

3 July 2000

FeatureThe Future Of Windows Gaming

Microsoft's vision of Things To Come

2 July 2000

FeatureCPL-Europe UK Qualifier Coverage

Live coverage from London, UK

26 June 2000

FeatureThe Engine Licensing Game

The ups and downs of licensing a game engine

19 June 2000

FeatureWindows '98 vs Windows 2000

Win2k and Win98 compared

12 June 2000

Featurei4 coverage

LAN party coverage from Swindon

9 June 2000

5 June 2000

FeatureThrough The Looking Glass Into The Real World

An obituary for Looking Glass Studios

29 May 2000

FeatureCPU Cores : Celeron II vs Pentium III E

Celeron II & Pentium III E compared

22 May 2000

FeatureOverclocking the Celeron II 566Mhz

Turbo charging your 566Mhz Celeron II

16 May 2000

15 May 2000

FeatureSpring 2000 Graphics Card Round-Up

Next gen graphics cards compared

13 May 2000

FeatureEuroCup coverage

European Quake 3 clan tourney report

11 May 2000

FeatureE3 Coverage 2000

Our coverage of the World's Number 1 gaming expo!

9 May 2000


Modern-day console emulation

8 May 2000

FeatureNoddy's Guide To Graphics Card Jargon

Graphics card jargon explained

1 May 2000

24 April 2000

FeatureThe Professional

Playing games for money

14 April 2000

FeatureRazer-CPL Coverage

Live from Dallas, Texas!

9 April 2000

FeaturePC Gamer UT Championship coverage

Coverage from PC Gamer Champs

5 April 2000

FeatureGaming Globes 2000 results

Gaming's answer to the Oscars!

4 April 2000

FeatureX-Boxed In?

Has Microsoft shot itself in the foot so early in the day?

FeatureEuroLAN #1 coverage

Coverage from EuroLAN #1

30 March 2000

FeatureSony's Bombshell

Reignition for SCEI

27 March 2000

FeatureVideo Nasty?

Gaming violence and Dispatches

26 March 2000

FeatureGaming Globes 2000 nominees

Gaming's answer to the Oscars!

20 March 2000

FeatureThe Dereth Diary : Volume Three

Life in Asheron's Call

13 March 2000

FeatureThe Dereth Diary : Volume Two

Life in Asheron's Call

6 March 2000

FeatureThe Dereth Diary : Volume One

My life in Asheron's Call

28 February 2000

FeatureLet Sleeping Dogs Die

An obituary for Cavedog

19 February 2000

FeatureRazer-CPL Qualifier coverage

Coverage from London, UK

14 February 2000

FeatureDirectX @ ETC 2000

What's Microsoft up to now?

7 February 2000

FeatureD&D - DND

Time for something new in RPGs?

31 January 2000

FeatureOnline Gaming For The Masses

How consoles will change the online gaming world

21 January 2000

FeatureXSi Coverage

Live from Stockholm

17 January 2000

FeatureLicensed To Kill?

Gaming licenses

10 January 2000

FeatureTo Be Or Not To Be

Gaming with BeOS

3 January 2000

FeatureFuture Of Gaming

EuroGamer takes a look in the crystal ball

1 January 2000

FeaturePicks For 2000

Games to look out for in Y2K

30 December 1999

FeatureThe Millenium For Gamers

Key events of the last thousand years!

29 December 1999

FeatureGames Of The Millenium

The Best Games .. Ever!

28 December 1999

Feature1999 For Gamers

Some of the key events of 1999

27 December 1999

FeatureGames Of The Year 1999

Best of the year

20 December 1999

FeatureTwo's Company

"Q3A sux0rs! UT r0x!" Oh dear...

13 December 1999

FeatureThe OGA

What the hell is it?

6 December 1999

FeaturePlease Release Me

Waiting for Godot

27 November 1999

FeatureLAN Arena 3 coverage

Live coverage from Paris!

22 November 1999

FeatureSound And Vision

Putting the multi back into multimedia...

15 November 1999

FeatureOn The Ropes?

Have 3dfx lost the plot? EuroGamer examines the latest announcements from Comdex...

8 November 1999

FeatureThe Final Frontier?

Where are space simulations going in the future? Mat Bettinson says, "To understand the future - we must look to the past" .. or something.

25 October 1999

FeatureGenre Benders

Cloning is out, hybridisation is in. Is this the end of gaming genres?

18 October 1999

FeatureDollywood And The Gaming Industry

Or : "It's the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)"

11 October 1999

FeatureWhose Game Is It Anyway?

The internet and the rise of the armchair game designer.

27 September 1999

FeatureQuake Across The Ocean

A comparison of the UK and US Quake scenes, through the eyes of someone who has lived in both countries.

20 September 1999

FeatureUKPCGC Finals coverage

Full coverage from the UK PC Gaming Championship finals in London, including reports from many of the key matches...

16 September 1999 launch

Gestalt recovers from his hangover long enough to bring you a report on last night's launch party for!

13 September 1999

FeatureECTS '99 Wrap Up

Almost a week has passed since the end of ECTS, and Gestalt has finally recovered enough to wrap up the event's coverage here on EuroGamer...

12 September 1999

FeatureECTS '99 Awards

Gestalt lays off the crack pipe and unveils EuroGamer's pick of the show.

6 September 1999

FeatureUnreal Tournament UK Launch Party coverage

The big party on Sunday night was the Dreamcast launch. Unfortunately we didn't have tickets for that, so instead we went to the Unreal Tournament press event at The Playing Fields...

5 September 1999

FeatureECTS Preview

An introduction to ECTS, Europe's biggest computer games trade show, and what you can expect from our live coverage of the event over the next three days!

4 September 1999

FeatureEuroGamer opens!

The latest site for gaming news, previews, reviews and features is live!

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