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14 July 2010

VideoEd Vaizey's speech to Develop

Tory MP discusses industry support.

Vaizey: Games must make tax case again

Watch Tory MP's address to Develop inside.

BioWare working on "small scale MMO"

"You’ll see some stuff within the year."

13 July 2010

Eyecare Trust: "3D not causing problems"

But even 3DS will exacerbate them.

PodcastEurogamer.net Podcast #26

Starring Blacklight external producer Jamie Firth.

3DS screen could be bigger, says Konno

But there are viewpoint and cost issues.

UK "sure to start buzzing" about 3DS

And Kinect and Move, says ELSPA DG.

12 July 2010

Nintendo "not conscious" of any rivals

"Our business is very unique" - Iwata

9 July 2010

3DTV in every home in 3 years – Ubisoft

"More important than some believe."

iPad owners less likely to buy consoles

27% won't get console too, 38% handhelds.

8 July 2010

Videogames linked to ADHD

"Brains are being damaged," say papers.

7 July 2010

EEDAR: reviews influence gamers' opinions

But who watches the Watchmen?

Nintendo wants Miis on more than just Wii

Miyamoto says they're considering it.

6 July 2010

MGS 3DS "just testing the grounds"

Confusion over game's status.

Rayman Origins for 3DS and Wii?

Ubisoft thinking about it.

N64 videos simulate 3DS screen

Pop a pair of glasses on and see.

5 July 2010

Nintendo plans "serious" 3DS games

Next home console will be "3D compatible".

3 July 2010

FeatureDark Glasses

The post-E3 war of words over 3D glasses reveals the true weakness of Sony's position.

2 July 2010

Game prices unaffected by VAT rise

Retailers taking hit so you don't have to.

1 July 2010

Ebert: "I was a fool for mentioning games"

Infamous games-as-art critic back-tracks.

Miyamoto: world beats story in games

Player-creator "bond", creative play are key.

Retailer admits to 3DS date/price guess

€169.95 "pure speculation" - Nintendo.

Sony defends 3D glasses

Wants Nintendo to stop dissing them.

30 June 2010

Tax relief loss may drive out Acti, Sony

Kotick and Maguire voice concerns.

29 June 2010

PodcastEurogamer.net Podcast #24

Singularity! Tax breaks! PR stunts! New guy!

Satoru Iwata earns £500k a year

Up to £1.4m with bonuses.

28 June 2010

Shake 3DS to shake DOA breasts

Investor tests Tecmo Koei's ideas.

25 June 2010

Spector "blown away" by Nintendo 3DS

3D "righter than anyone else. Ever. By far."

22 June 2010

VideoResident Evil: Revelations 3DS trailer

Apparently all rendered, in real time, in the 3DS engine...

3DS to launch by April 2011 - Reggie

That goes for "all major markets".

21 June 2010

Digital FoundryNintendo 3DS GPU tech demo

The PICA200 graphics core put through its paces.

Nintendo 3DS graphics chip revealed

DMP PICA200 powers new handheld.

18 June 2010

Report: 3DS to allow full game installs

Save multiple titles to internal memory.

16 June 2010

FeatureDigital Foundry vs. 3DS

Tech talk and brand new demo analysis.

VideoEGTV plays with Nintendo 3DS

Johnny and Rich Leadbetter digest Nintendo's new handheld.

European 3DS launch "by early next year"

But pre-Xmas possible, claims source.

Ocarina of Time 3DS on show at E3

Demo appears to confirm remake.

15 June 2010

VideoKid Icarus: Uprising comes to 3DS

NES hero gets a new dimension.

Nintendo 3DS

Hands-on at E3 with the 3D handheld.

First shots of the Nintendo 3DS

Two cameras, gyroscope, 3D!

Nintendo 3DS tech specifications

3.53-inch widescreen, camera res, etc.

Mario Kart, PilotWings and more for 3DS

Animal Crossing, Paper Mario, Star Fox...

Kid Icarus returns in 3DS instalment

Uprising "coming soon".

Nintendo unveils 3DS handheld

Analogue nub! 3D photos! Metal Gear!

5 June 2010

Digital FoundryNVIDIA unconnected with 3DS

No Tegra chipset in new Nintendo handheld.

18 May 2010

Nintendo registers 3DS trademarks

N3DS, 3DS, 3DSPlay and 3DSWare.

17 May 2010

Digital Foundry3DS dev hardware images sighted?

Two screens, only one is stereo 3D.

12 May 2010

Iwata: 3DS is not the "formal name"

Investor chat reveals 3D can be turned off.

8 May 2010

Nintendo 3DS to have 3D off switch

Protection from potential health effects?

14 April 2010

Nintendo 3DS is proper DS successor

Fils-Aime: "Our next handheld platform."

23 March 2010

Digital FoundryIn Theory: Nintendo 3DS

Digital Foundry on what to expect and why it's not a new Virtual Boy.

Nintendo announces 3DS handheld

To be unveiled at E3.

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