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Pokemon transfer system revealed

Two DS consoles required.

Pokemon fans will transfer their captured monsters from previous games in the phenomenally-successful series to upcoming titles Pokemon Black & White using an archaic system that requires two DS consoles, according to Serebii.net (thanks Siloconera).

The process is conducted via an in-game feature called the "Pokéshifter".

There's a building in the Isshu region, apparently, that allows players to connect with previous games, but only if you have two consoles.

Once you connect, an option will appear allowing you to complete the transfer.

To capture the transferred monsters, players will have to complete a mini-game that involves catching the little critters when they pop out of a set of bushes on the top screen of the DS.

You have to use the touchscreen to aim a reticule to shoot a Pokéball with a bow.

Pokemon White and Pokemon Black will be released in Europe and North America in spring 2011. They're the first all-new Pokemon games for the DS in some time. Current favourites HeartGold and SoulSilver are remakes of Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver.

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