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Apple Arcade dreamboat Skate City heads to consoles and PC in May

And the original version just got a new mode.

Cor, big news in Skate City where the fonts are modernist and the tricks are chained with angled swipes and taps of the thumb. The Apple Arcade classic is headed to PC, Playstation, Xbox and Switch on the 6th of May. Players will be able to clatter across the game's bloomy dream visions of Los Angeles, Oslo and Barcelona. (Roisin Murphy was right - Dear Miami really was the first to go.)

Oh, but there is more. Last Friday the Apple Arcade edition got a new mode for Los Angeles, which I would normally say is the only city that counts, if the other options didn't include Barcelona and Oslo. Pro Skate allows you to race across and endlessly reconfigured city, chaining tricks and out-running security guards. There are leaderboards and bottles to knock off perches and, challenges a la the Alto games. And for me, at least, it's been an ideal means of really nailing Skate City's gorgeously flexible trick system.

That touch-based trick system will head to consoles and PC by shifting onto the thumbsticks, incidentally, in an extremely pleasing manner. I'm so glad that people who don't have Apple devices will finally get to play this stylish, rather other-worldly sports game. It's pretty much a masterpiece, with or without Miami.

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