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Apotheon dev's new sci-fi action roguelike Cryptark enters Early Access

Looks like Galak-Z meets The Swindle.

Apotheon developer Alientrap Games' has launched its upcoming procedurally-generated sci-fi adventure game Cryptark on Steam Early Access.

Priced at £8.49 (or £9.99 once the sale ends 14th October), Cryptark tasks players with infiltrating alien starships and destroying their core. Doing so is almost like a heist as the core is guarded by plasma shield, sentry systems and combat drones. As such, you'll first want to take out the sentry controller, destroy the drone factory to prevent reinforcements, bring the shield generator offline and only then eradicate the core.

Along the way you'll be able to discover up to 60 weapons, including frag-cannons, tractor-beams, flamethrowers and nukes.

Our Dan Whitehead was fond of Alientrap's last offering, Apotheon. "It's stunning to look at and a pleasure to play, and what flaws it does have can be easily overlooked by anyone looking for something smart and stylish," he concluded in his Apotheon review.

See how Cryptark looks in action in its Early Access trailer below:

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