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Apex Legends Wattson - abilities, best pairings, voice actor and the best ways to play as Wattson explained

Everything you need to know about Wattson - from essential info to how to best play as the defensive character.

Wattson is one of many Apex Legends characters, and was introduced in July 2018 alongside Season 2.

Her introduction to the game has been electrifying, especially with her defensive role. Where before the best defence seemed to be a good offence, you'll now be able to actively plan how to deal with enemies by using Wattson's electric nodes, as well as her interception pylon.

Of course, you may not know where to even start with Wattson. Great! This is where we come in. Here we'll help you figure out the best way to use Wattson's abilities, the best Wattson pairings with other Legends, the best ways to play as Wattson and, as a bonus, the Wattson backstory and voice actor.

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Who Wattson is and how to get Wattson in Apex Legends

Wattson was introduced on July 2nd, along with Season 2 of Apex Legends.

Depending on if you're willing to dip into your wallet to grab Wattson or not, there are two different ways on how to get her.

Grind to get Legend Tokens: Wattson costs 12,000 Legend tokens. Legend tokens are earned through levelling up. Up until level 25, you earn 600 tokens, and afterwards you earn tokens after every couple of level ups. Depending on how many tokens you have and your current level, getting Wattson this way can take quite a while. But if you don't want to spend real money, it's worth it.

Use real money to get Apex Coins: Wattson costs 750 Apex Coins. Apex Coins are premium currency, and so can be earned through using real money, as well as playing the game. If you want to get just Wattson, you can get 1,000 coins for £7.99. However if you want Wattson and the Season 2 battle pass, you can get 2,000 for £15.99.

Apex Legends Wattson abilities: All of Wattson's skills explained

Just like all other Apex Legends characters, Wattson has a passive, active and ultimate ability. These are:

Perimeter Security (Active Ability):

  • Wattson can place up to 12 electric nodes to create fences that damage and slow enemies.
  • She has 4 nodes, which refill over time.
  • Wattson's teammates are able to get through the electric fence unharmed, as they'll shut down when teammates pass through.
  • You can use the electric fences as an alert system, as if enemies pass through, you and your teammates will be alerted.

Interception Pylon (Ultimate Ability):

  • This ability has Bangalore and Gibraltar fans shaking in their boots. When using this ability, Wattson will place an electric pylon that spins quickly.
  • It destroys incoming ultimates such as Bangalore's 'Rolling Thunder' and Gibraltar's 'Defensive Bombardment'.
  • Ordnance like frag grenades, thermite and arc stars are also destroyed in the process.
  • It also helps your teammates, as it repair damaged shields as long as you stand by it.
  • However, be careful, as the pylon can be destroyed.

Spark of Genius (Passive Ability):

  • As described by the official website, Wattson's Spark of Genius allows her ultimate to be fully charged when using ultimate accelerants, as well as charging her tactical ability by standing near her Interception Pylon.

How to play as Wattson in Apex Legends

With all the above in mind, what are some tips and best ways to play as Wattson in Apex Legends?

  • Wattson is best used as a means of defence, both outside and during firefights. Your ultimate can help repair damaged shields as well as shoot ordnance out of the sky for one, and placing her electric fences around your position will cause enemies to think twice of getting closer to your team. Of course, don't do this in an open area, as the enemy team can easily walk around you.
  • Put your electric fences inside buildings to block people from entry. Putting them outside means that enemies can shoot the pylons and disable them.
  • Alternatively, putting electric fences outside the building an enemy is in can trap them inside.
  • Stock up on ultimate accelerants! Using them you can get your ultimate straight away, meaning you can place three Interception Pylons down at once far quicker than just waiting for your ultimate to charge.
  • Enemy Wattsons fences have a different color to yours - so no getting confused!
  • Your Interception Pylon only shoots down Bangalore/Gibralter's ultimates if you place it before they throw their grenades. Doing so afterwards means that their ultimates will still possibly hit/daze you.
  • Fences can also be used to herd enemies into going in a certain direction, lengthening the time it takes to get to you and giving you time to restore/charge your shields and health.
  • Wattson's Interception Pylon lowers her fence cooldown significantly - so don't just save them for Gibraltar/Bangalore ultimates.
  • A neat trick that we used a few times (but is very situational) is placing fences just outside of an enemy Wraith's rift. The moment they come through their damaged and slowed.
  • Your fences disappear when enemies run through them, meaning they can also lure enemies to it if they plan it right!
  • Wattson can work with both long-range and short-range weapons, however if you're camping out a place with your fences then a shotgun is always the best way to finish off enemies that decide to go through your fences.

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Best squadmate pairings for Wattson

Wattson is a fantastic, defensive legend. However, like most legends, she does falter in some things. Here are a few characters that can help boost Wattson's playstyle through their complementary abilities, as well as make up for the things she lacks.

  • Wattson and Caustic: Together with Wattson's electric fences, these two can make the ultimate deathtrap. This is especially helpful if you're in a firefight on both sides, as Caustic can lay down his traps while you put down electric fences to hold your ground.
  • Wattson and Lifeline: Wattson's electric fences are great for putting down added defences for Lifeline when she's picking someone up. Before players would have rushed behind Lifeline or through her medical shield to finish her off. But with Wattson's fences, they'll have to think twice. That and, with Lifeline making sure your health is full, Wattson does the same for your shields with her ultimate.
  • Wattson and Gibraltar: Double the protection is never a bad thing, no matter the circumstances. With Gibraltar's dome and Wattson's electric fences, sealing off a point to defend during the last stretch of the game has never been easier.

Apex Legends Wattson backstory and voice actor explained

Here does Wattson fit into the wider lore of Apex Legends?

Natalie 'Wattson' Paquette, also known by her nickname Wattson, is the daughter of the lead electrical engineer of the games and thus, knows her way around the Arena of Kings Canyon quite well.

She is also the woman behind the creation of the Apex Games Modified Containment Ring - so you'd be right in saying she's got her fingers in many pies.

A final detail you might find interesting - who is the voice actor behind Wattson?

Wattson is played by Justine Huxley - who also played Constance Pickering in Harry Potter Wizards Unite, and away from games, Little Red Riding Hood in TV series Goldie and Bear.

You can sample a variety of Wattson voice lines thanks to the following video by Crimson Gaming:

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