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Another three for US VC

Galaga, Kidd, Bravoman.

Another Monday (yesterday, meathead), another chance to see what's happening on the American Virtual Console, where dreams (and the potential line-up for Europe's Friday update) are forged.

This week, American Wii-lings are invited to tuck into the NES version of Namco's ageing coin-op Galaga, which costs 500 Wii points. Already available on Xbox Live Arcade (400 Microsoft points), Galaga is a traditional sort of top-down shooter about shooting aliens that approach your little spaceship in formation.

Also out in the US this week is Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle (Megadrive, 800 Wii points), an ageing platformer that was rightly booted into the shadow of Sonic the Hedgehog once the blue blur turned up. Alex has to battle through 11 levels, but you'll have to battle frustration to get much further than the first one, we reckon.

Thirdly and finally there's Turbografx-16 title Bravoman, which is a mixture of platforming and fighting, and another Namco export. Worth a look for its comedy dialogue if nothing else, it'll set you back 600 Wii points if you take the plunge.

Look out for more, European Virtual Consolery this Friday.

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