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Animal Crossing Spooky Furniture series: How to find spooky furniture, and spooky furniture DIY recipes explained

Bring Halloween into your home!

The spooky furniture series is the special Halloween themed furniture set in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

You can only find spooky furniture and spooky furniture DIY recipes during October, so you'll have a very busy month if you want the complete set!

It's also a good idea to start growing pumpkins if you're hunting down every spooky furniture DIY recipe or else you might find the furniture rather hard to make.

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New spooky furniture added for Halloween 2021 in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Three new furniture items were added to the spooky set for Halloween 2021 in New Horizons.

These items are the Spooky Treats Basket, Spooky Tree and Spooky Trick Lamp.

The new additions to the spooky set.

In the run up to Halloween, these items would randomly appear in Nook's Canny's seasonal section, alongside other items from the spooky set, and, if you talked to a villager while they were crafting, they might give you the DIY recipes for one of them items.

Animal Crossing spooky furniture DIY recipe list: How many are there?

There are 17 spooky furniture DIY recipes for you to collect and craft in New Horizons.

Here are the 14 pieces of spooky furniture you can craft:

  • Spooky arch
  • Spooky candy set
  • Spooky carriage
  • Spooky chair
  • Spooky fence
  • Spooky garland
  • Spooky lantern
  • Spooky lantern set
  • Spooky rug
  • Spooky scarecrow
  • Spooky standing lamp
  • Spooky table
  • Spooky table setting
  • Spooky treats basket
  • Spooky tree
  • Spooky trick lamp
  • Spooky tower
  • Spooky wall
  • Spooky wand

Thank you to SpreadCheeseNotHate from reddit for the help with this information.

It's important to note that some of these spooky furniture DIY recipes are only available from Jack during the Halloween event on the 31st October every year.

How to find spooky furniture and spooky furniture DIY recipes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Unlike previous seasonal furniture, such as the acorn DIY recipes, there are a variety of ways to earn spooky furniture in New Horizons.

The first way is by visiting Nook's Cranny every day where Tommy and Timmy will be selling a piece of spooky furniture in their seasonal item section.

Spooky furniture can be brought with Bells, the spooky arch cost 18,000 Bells for example, and the piece on offer will change every day, though you will see the same piece of furniture multiple times.

The second way to obtain spooky furniture is by finding the DIY recipe for each piece.

Spooky furniture DIY recipes will be available throughout October and you can obtain them by popping balloons and visiting villagers while they're crafting furniture.

Villagers only craft furniture in their homes and you have three opportunities a day to catch a villager at work. There are the rough time periods you can expect to find a villager crafting during:

  • 5am to 12pm
  • 12pm to 6pm
  • 6pm to 5am

Once you've caught a villager crafting, simply talk to them and hope that you're lucky enough to receive a spooky furniture DIY recipe. Remember - there's still a chance that the villager will give you a recipe from their regular DIY recipe pool, but don't give up hope!

Finally, you can, of course, collect spooky furniture DIY recipes by partaking in the Halloween event on the 31st October.

Villagers may give you a spooky furniture DIY recipe in exchange for a piece of candy and Jack, the pumpkin king of Halloween, will give you some very special spooky furniture DIY recipes if you bring him a very specific piece of candy.

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Customising spooky furniture in Animal Crossing: New Horizons explained

Customising spooky furniture in New Horizons is a little bit different compared to regular furniture, because, rather than using customization kits, you use pumpkins.

You'll even notice that, when you're choosing a piece of furniture to customise, a piece of spooky furniture will have a little pumpkin icon next to it rather than a customization kit icon.

Each pumpkin colour - orange, green, yellow and white - is assigned its own unique customisation for every piece of spooky furniture, aside for the spooky wand and spooky fence.

This means that if you want to customise a piece of spooky furniture, then you need to collect a certain number of a specific colour of pumpkins by growing the vegetable on your island. The spooky arch, for example, requires six pumpkins for each of its customisable options, so, if you want a white spooky arch, you need six white pumpkins.

The pumpkin colours decide how you customise your furniture.

If you're a fan of the spooky furniture collection, clear out a piece of land on your island, because you're about to become a pumpkin farmer!

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