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Animal Crossing: New Horizons players are putting memes, anime and… some very nasty stuff in their islands

Poor Isabelle.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons came out yesterday for the Nintendo Switch and if you're partial to a spot of social media you'll know it's the talk of the town.

And in just 24 hours, players are already spoiling their family-friendly islands with memes, anime and... well, let's just say it's the kind of stuff that would make Mario blush.

An Animal Crossing pattern tool called ACPatterns.com, created by designers Thulinma, DamSenViet and Myumi, lets you convert any image into Animal Crossing itself via the magic of a QR code (you then use the official companion app to scan QR codes into the game).

From there, in the game itself, open your NookPhone, open the patten app, and click + to download the pattern. Choose an empty spot and click A to save the pattern. You can now use that pattern for your clothes, walls, grounds and... other things.

Now, you can also browse user-generated content on ACPatterns, although it's definitely not safe for work (some players have created images of Isabelle doing things she really shouldn't be doing). And a lot of the stuff on there is offensive. [Following the publication of this article the developers of AC Patterns added a toggle to view NSFW content on the browse function of the website. This is off by default.]

But there is some safe for work content in there. If you want Barack Obama's face in your island, well, he's there. Jeremiah Johnson from that gif is there. Of course the PogChamp emote is there.

Here's a safe for work snippet:

It's worth noting that you have to actively scan this stuff to add it to your island. It's not something that will appear in your island without you wanting it to. But if you visit someone else's island and they have it, you will see it. Technically you could upload a photo of someone and use it as a doormat - if you really hated them. I'm not sure you'll still be Nintendo friends afterwards, but it would be good for a laugh.

Let's finish on a wholesome note, shall me? Here's Baby Yoda in someone's Animal Crossing island.

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