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Animal Crossing free update available now

Nintendo releases it a day early.

Nintendo has launched its Animal Crossing: New Horizons update a day early - it's available now.

The update, intended for 5th November, was announced at a recent Animal Crossing Direct and brings a number of additions.

Alongside various quality of life tweaks, Brewster the coffee shop owning pigeon has been added, as has Kapp'n the sea shanty singing ferry operator. Get the full rundown in the trailer below.

Nintendo has confirmed that this update is the final free update to the game.

Alongside the update, there's paid DLC with the Happy Home Paradise expansion. This is still set for release on 5th November.

Happy Home Paradise adds a suite of gameplay additions, most notably a new island where players can work with Lottie the otter to build custom holiday homes for villager clients.

The DLC costs £22.49, but is also included as part of the recently released Nintendo Online Expansion.

Nintendo has also confirmed this will be the only paid piece of DLC, meaning this marks the end of Animal Crossing support for the foreseeable future.

We'll have a guide up on all the new additions soon.

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