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Animal Crossing 3DS has a comedy club and a tropical island

Plus: new co-op games, a megaphone and a campsite.

Nintendo of Japan has unveiled a menagerie of new features for Animal Crossing 3DS, including a comedy club and a tropical island full of co-op games.

A recently-concluded Nintendo Direct conference concerning the anthropomorphic life sim showed off many new features.

You'll be able to watch stand-up shows and input your reaction to the jokes, visit a camp site for passing animals and take a motorboat ride to visit a new tropical island.

It's not the first time the series has offered players a paradise getaway, but the 3DS incarnation's new island will be the most robust offering yet. Transported once again by singing seaman Kapp'n, players can indulge in several co-op focused mini-games. Winning these will earn you medals, which can be traded for items at the souvenier shop.

Online play, as well as local wireless, will offer support for 2-4 players.

As previously announced, you'll be able to poke around the homes of people you've StreetPassed. But you'll also be able to explore their entire town via a new Dream Mode.

Other fresh features include the ability to build and customise roads, more choice when adding rooms to your house, plus a megaphone item. With this you can shout at other villagers using the 3DS microphone to get their attention.

Finally, resident crooner KK Slider will now play during the week under a new DJ persona. "DJ KK" will appear on weeknights and play remixes of old NES tunes.

Animal Crossing 3DS arrives in Japan next month, but infuriatingly still lacks a European release date. It's likely to launch after Q1 2013, as Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and Fire Emblem are expected first next year.

A previous look at the game revealed that Animal Crossing 3DS has a garden centre.

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