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Fortnite Monopoly is now available for pre-order

UPDATE: Epic confirms October release date.

By Emma Kent. 7/09/2018

UPDATE 7/9/18: Epic has now officially confirmed Fortnite Monopoly will be arriving in stores on October 1st.

The announcement came from creative director Donald Mustard, who shared a high-resolution image of the board game on Twitter.

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Interestingly, the site which originally posted the listing - British retailer Zavvi, removed the item after only a few hours. It's likely Fortnite Monopoly popped up a little earlier than Epic and Hasbro had planned.

Eurogamer has contacted Zavvi for comment.

ORIGINAL STORY 6/7/18: "Worlds collide" is the theme for Fortnite season five, and it's also the perfect way to describe this latest bizarre mashup.

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Fortnite monopoly is now a thing, and it's available for pre-order from Zavvi.com. For a healthy £26.99, this weird and wonderful board game could be yours on the 26th of November.

Just like Fortnite, I'm not entirely sure how it works, but the description suggests it's more than just a re-skin. Just like the video game, the objective is to be the last player standing. Money is now health points, boogie bombs make everyone lose a life, and walls can be used to protect your spaces. If you're unlucky, you might land on a space taken up by the storm, which will make you lose 2 lives. Isn't dying once enough, Hasbro?

Try not to die.

The crossover, although seemingly out of left field, does actually make some sense. Fortnite has a monopoly over the gaming world, for starters. But it also has a wealth of locations which easily transfer to the board game - making it an ideal theme for Monopoly. These Fortnite locations do, however, tend to change with every patch - so the Monopoly board could become dated fairly quickly.

In any case, it'll be interesting to see how this goes down with families come Christmastime. Will it help heal the generational divide, or just confuse everyone?