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The Banner Saga 3 gets a July release date

Physical trilogy bundle coming to Xbox One and PS4.

By Matt Wales. 12/04/2018

Developer Stoic Studio has revealed that The Banner Saga 3, the final instalment in its critically acclaimed Viking series, will launch digitally on PC, Mac, Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on July 24th, with the latter two consoles also receiving a physical trilogy bundle.

The first Banner Saga released back in 2014, and its distinct blend of narrative-heavy role-playing and turn-based strategy, not to mention its striking visual style, quickly garnered praise.

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Stoic's third and final series entry was, like the original game, borne from a successful Kickstarter campaign, raising more than twice its original $200,000 USD target. The studio initially anticipated that The Banner Saga 3 would launch in December 2018, but revealed that development was considerably ahead of schedule in an update earlier this year.

As part of today's launch announcement, Stoic also revealed that PC and Mac pre-orders will include the "Dredge Ally Pack", containing exclusive playable dredge character Kivi, his ability-granting Sculptors Tools, Dredge Heraldry and the heroic title 'Shield Clever'. There's also an exclusive Banner Saga 3 'overture' track by series composer Austin Wintory.

Additionally, publisher 505 Games has announced that it will release a physical edition of the entire Banner Saga trilogy for PS4 and Xbox One. This is due to launch on July 24th in the US, and will arrive on July 27th in Europe. A Bonus Edition version will also be available, featuring all three games, a mini art book, poster, "best of" soundtrack, and Horn of Lichbaen in-game item.

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Stoic recently announced plans to release The Banner Saga parts 1 and 2 on Switch in anticipation of the third game's July arrival on the console. There's no definite date for those just yet, however, beyond a vague "soon".