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Game Dev Tycoon adds ultra hard mode where you combat piracy with DRM

See off thieves.

By Tom Phillips. 9/03/2018

Video games development simulator Game Dev Tycoon now has an ultra difficult "Pirate Mode" where your software gets pirated.

Emulating the real world problem of piracy, this advanced option will see reduced sales on all of your games. "Bankruptcy is likely", you are told.

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Game Dev Tycoon originally hit the headlines - and found success - when it forced those who had pirated the game itself to unwittingly fail from the effects of in-game piracy. Now you can opt in, instead.

Game Dev Tycoon launched all the way back in 2013 for PC, but arrived for iOS and Android devices at the end of last year - hence the renewed interest in the game.

Pirate Mode will let you develop Digital Rights Management (DRM) copy protection to counter piracy - but at the same time upset your fans by doing so. Realism!

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Oh, and there's a new console platform to develop games for - Ninvento Swap - which has bitter-tasting cartridges.