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Players discover Bloodborne's missing monster in-game, three years after release

Our eyes are yet to open.

By Matt Wales. 21/11/2017

Bloodborne players have discovered a monster, believed to have been cut from the game, three years after release.

The flaming Undead Giant was first sighted during an onstage demonstration by Bloodborne director Hidetaka Miyazaki at the PlayStation Experience back in 2014. It appeared within one of the game's randomly-generated Chalice Dungeons. However, when Bloodborne finally released in 2015, the flaming Undead Giant was apparently nowhere to be found, and many assumed the creature had simply been cut.

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However, three years later, after countless trips into countless Chalice Dungeons, the flaming Undead Giant has finally been spotted. The discovery was made by KolbrotKommander, part of the reddit Tomb Prospectors group that specialises in Chalice Dungeon exploration, and was reported by fellow reddit user and prospector MorosNyx. You can see the group's encounter with the Undead Giant, alongside its original 2014 appearance, in the video above.

MorosNyx acknowledges that the rare flaming Undead Giant (one of several Undead Giant variants) could have been discovered before and simply remained unreported, "Many hunters may see something odd and then just dismiss it because they thought it is normal."

Indeed, the flaming Undead Giant is far from the only rare creature in the Chalice Dungeons - have you, for instance, met the elusive, and slightly horrifying, Hole Digger? - but it's certainly managed to evade detection for longer than most.

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Which raises the question: what other undiscovered secrets do the Chalice Dungeons still hold after all this time? As MorosNyx puts it, "This will have a significant impact on the communities perception on what could still possibly be hidden in the depths of the Tombs beneath Yharnam, so light your torch, and keep hunting!"

And if you'd like to meet the rarely glimpsed flaming Undead Giant yourself, you can do so using the Glyph seed "pa6ssc6u".