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Xbox One X UK launch sales match Nintendo Switch, beat PlayStation 4 Pro

Loads of you 4K'd out for one.

By Tom Phillips. 13/11/2017

Xbox One X is off to a positive start, with a UK launch week sales total which matched that of Nintendo Switch earlier this year.

Better yet, Microsoft's Xbox One X beat the launch sales tally of its biggest rival, the PlayStation 4 Pro.

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More than 80k Xbox One X consoles have now been sold in the UK, according to figures obtained by Eurogamer sister site GamesIndustry.biz.

PlayStation 4 Pro, meanwhile, managed 50k in its launch week, and only passed 80k after a month.

Naturally, all console launches are constrained by the amount of stock available to be sold - a fact worth keeping in mind when comparing console launches like-for-like.

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Still, Microsoft sounds pleased. Xbox exec Aaron Greenberg seemingly confirmed the figure himself in a message on Twitter which linked to the report - along with word the X's launch had been even bigger in the US:

In the UK software chart this week, various games saw a small but noticeable bump in sales from last week - including Xbox One console exclusive Forza Horizon 3 and Forza Motorsport 7, both of which remain in the top 10.