The space goths won Destiny 2's first Faction Rally

Back in black.

By Tom Phillips. 4/10/2017

Congratulations, I suppose, to Dead Orbit - the winning faction in Destiny 2's first Faction Rally event.

Noel Fielding sends his congratulations.

The grumpy goth group beat technicoloured team Future War Cult (AKA the best team) and the regal rabble of New Monarchy.

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Now, all Destiny 2 players can buy a pretty average scout rifle from Dead Orbit's Tower rep, Arach Jalaal, instead of better guns from either of the other two factions. Yay.

Dead Orbit faction members get the weapon for 1000 Glimmer - otherwise it's 50k for everyone else.

Destiny 2 players have been able to pledge allegiance to one of the three factions over the past seven days. Last night saw the winner declared - and it came as a surprise to many.

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Dead Orbit are something of a joke for many Destiny players. The faction's members dress in black and believe Earth is dead - that the mysterious Darkness cannot be stopped and that we should all give up and leave our solar system for a fresh start somewhere else. I bet they're fun at parties.

One annoyingly good thing about Dead Orbit - their man Jalaal is voiced by Peter Stormare, of Fargo, Jurassic Park 2 and Prison Break fame. Admittedly, he's pretty cool.

Faction Rallies will be a semi-regular Destiny 2 event - expect to see more in the future.