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Layoffs at Saints Row developer Volition

Poor sales of Agents of Mayhem reportedly to blame.

By Wesley Yin-Poole. 27/09/2017

Volition has suffered a round of layoffs, according to a report from Kotaku.

Over 30 people were let go from the developer of Saints Row and Agents of Mayhem, Kotaku said. It had around 200 staff beforehand.

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Kotaku said publisher Deep Silver was unhappy with the poor sales of Agents of Mayhem, which struggled to make an impact in the UK physical game sales chart. The single-player Saints Row spin-off debuted fourth during a quiet time of year and against stale opposition.

Deep Silver bought Volition back in 2013 after previous owner THQ went bankrupt. The Saints Row IP was acquired in the deal too, although there has been no major new instalment in the series past Saints Row 4 in 2013.

Agents of Mayhem is set in the Saints Row universe but isn't specifically a Saints Row game. It's also disappointing, our Agents of Mayhem review calling the game, "A bizarrely hollow yet mechanically competent open world action RPG that struggles to justify its own existence."

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A representative for Deep silver declined to comment when contacted by Eurogamer.