Microsoft worked on an Xbox-branded smartwatch, images suggest

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By Tom Phillips. 26/09/2017

Microsoft once had plans to release an Xbox smartwatch, new photos suggest.

Images of an early prototype were first published by SuomiMobiili (thanks, NeoWin).

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The device is said to have been in the works around 2013, for a release in 2015. It would have worked with Microsoft Surface tablets to charge via a magnetic connector.

There's no word on which apps or games the watch would have run, but the images of the device's form factor hold a couple of clues.

Some kind of health tie-in looks likely, due to what looks like a heart-rate monitor on the rear of the device.

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And yet the Xbox branding suggests this would have been a gaming-orientated accessory. Other companies have released their own wearable tech based around fitness - perhaps Microsoft wanted to take an alternative approach?

Regardless, the device was never released - and in 2014 Microsoft went down the fitness watch route by launching the Microsoft Band.