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Destiny 2 down for maintenance again today - for six hours

Starting at 2pm UK time.

By Tom Phillips. 25/09/2017

Destiny 2 will be unplayable today for six hours, between 2pm and 8pm UK time.

That's 6am until midday Pacific time, or 9am until 3pm Eastern.

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This is the third round of maintenance to bring Destiny 2 offline since its launch earlier in the month.

There's no specific word on what Bungie will be tinkering with, but tomorrow will bring the game's new Faction Rally event - perhaps Bungie is setting up that?

Hopefully there will be a fix for the recently-discovered map exploit on Altar of Flame, the level which initially hosted this week's Trials of the Nine tourney. Bungie was forced to switch the map mid-event after players found a way to glitch through walls.

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From tomorrow, you'll be able to pledge to one of Destiny 1's returning factions (New Monarchy, Dead Orbit or Future War Cult) and collect reputation for each in exchange for rewards.

After a week, the most popular faction will unlock a weapon for sale at a tiny price for its members (1000 Glimmer) - although other players will be able to pick it up too at a higher cost (50k Glimmer).