Square Enix announces survival action shooter Left Alive for PC and PS4

With MGS character designer Yoji Shinkawa.

By Robert Purchese. 19/09/2017

One of the more mysterious and exciting announcements during Sony's Tokyo Game Show conference this morning was a new game by Square Enix called Left Alive.

According to a press release sent after the reveal, Left Alive will be a survival action shooter for PC (Steam) and PlayStation 4 in 2018.

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In the minute-long teaser trailer we see a destroyed city with what look like mech suits being choppered into the fray.

Of particular note is one of the names attached to the project: character designer Yoji Shinkawa. He is famed for his work at Kojima Productions on the Metal Gear series of games. He was the art director, character and mech designer for both Metal Gear Solid 4 and 5. It's his art you see below - art so reminiscent of MGS.

Yoji Shinkawa's striking art.

Director Toshifumi Nabeshima is known for directing the Armored Core series of mech combat games by FromSoftware, which suggests a mech combat theme in Left Alive.

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Producer Shinji Hashimoto, meanwhile, is a big cheese at Square Enix.