Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris DLC details leaked by Xbox Store

Mercury's rising.

By Tom Phillips. 8/09/2017

Bungie has yet to officially announce Destiny 2's first DLC, but details of it are already visible on Microsoft's Xbox Store.

Destiny 2 - Expansion 1: Curse of Osiris will include new story missions and adventures set on the sun-soaked planet of Mercury - specifically, its "Infinite Forest" region.

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There will of course be new armour and weapons, new multiplayer maps and "new co-operative activities" which likely means Strikes.

No mention is made of a new raid.

After years of teasing his existance in the original Destiny, it sounds like this DLC will finally introduce the legendary Osiris, who once upon a time taught Vanguard Warlock leader Ikora Rey.

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Mercury was only available to visit in Destiny 1 via a couple of multiplayer maps, and via the Trials of Osiris challenge's elite Lighthouse social space (which was very hard to get into, but which I managed just before it disappeared for good).

A previous Kotaku report on the DLC stated that it would include a new patrol zone and the Lighthouse as its new social space, while its story would revolve around saving Osiris from the Vex. And a recent Wired Q&A video, Destiny 2 director Luke Smith suggested the Vex's ongoing machinations - while not directly related to the game's main Red War campaign - were indeed part of the game's future.

We've long know the DLC would involve Osiris somehow - since an image for the game's expansion pass first revealed Osiris' symbol as the logo for DLC #1. Destiny 2's second DLC features the symbol of the Warmind planetary defense network, and its rogue Earth AI Rasputin.