Watch: H1Z1's Combat Update is a step in the right direction but it's still not a patch on PUBG

Prince of the Kill.

By Ian Higton. 31/08/2017

Earlier this week, H1Z1's Battle Royale style spin-off, King of the Kill, released its first big update in what seems like an age.

The 'Combat Update' has retuned and rebalanced the core mechanics in a bid to perfect the game's signature, action-packed, arena shooter gameplay.

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Along with a complete overhaul of how the weapons handle, there's also been changes to the UI, improvements to player movement and also five new points of interest have been added to the map.

I spent most of yesterday playing the new update and while these new additions are a welcome change and have improved the wonky shooting of old, the game now feels a bit like it's riding on PUBG's coattails, skirting close to an imitator rather than a competitor (which is an odd thing to say considering KotK released over a year before PUBG).

You can see the most important changes in action and find out more about my opinions on the update in the video below.

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If you'd like to find out the finer details of the update, you can read the patch notes for the Combat Update here.

Have you been tempted back to King of the Kill by the Combat Update? How did you find it?