Watch: 90 minutes of Destiny 2 beta gameplay


By Ian Higton. 18/07/2017

Tonight's the night that Destiny fans around the world have been waiting for. By the time you read this the Destiny 2 beta should be live for all PS4 owners who've preordered the game (everyone else will have to wait a little longer).

To celebrate the launch of the beta, Johnny, Aoife and I will be forming the most unruly Fireteam the galaxy has ever seen, and we'll be bickering our way through 90 minutes of the beta, starting at 6:30pm.

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I'll be playing through the 20 minute single player campaign section first, but then you can expect our attempt at 'The Inverted Spire' co-operative Strike mission followed by some matches in the Crucible. Although, these plans depend solely on whether or not we can stop Aoife from doing 90 minutes worth of dance emotes instead.

Obviously, this whole plan hinges on the servers holding up, which is often not the case in circumstances like this. Don't worry though, if it all goes Cabals up we'll reschedule the stream for tomorrow!