Geralt calendar man stars in five-minute Witcher fan film

Maul over it.

By Robert Purchese. 3/02/2017

The muscled man who has his own Witcher calendar - he as Geralt, naturally, and naturalistically - now stars in a fanmade Witcher film. And as with the calendar, the film is rather a tip top jolly corker.

Ben Schamma, or Maul Cosplay as he's know, filmed the short in Los Angeles last year.

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"I was asked to play the role of Geralt in this little Witcher fight scene down in LA last year. Finally it's done. Yay!" he wrote on Facebook.

"I hope you like it," he added after thanking the cast and crew. "Before you start bashing anything, don't forget - it's a fan-made film..."

Ben Schamma has been hired by CD Projekt Red in the past - to cosplay as Geralt at E3 and Gamescom in 2016, among other events - but this video has nothing to do with the studio, I was told this afternoon.

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Still, good, isn't it?

I should also point out that Ben Schamma works as a stuntman, hence his ease on a horse and in fight scenes.

His Witcher 2017 calendar, incidentally, is sold out.