The Eurogamer Podcast #22: Horse Attack!

Bad neigh-bors.

By Christian Donlan. 29/11/2016

Hello! It's time for another Eurogamer podcast with two of the three Eurogamer Chrises! And oh man, the games we have been playing.

I've been playing Overwatch, for starters, after getting myself seriously tangled up in my authenticator while changing phones. That's all behind me now - and I'm looking forward to fresh challenges - so I've had a look at the new arcade mode and discovered that 1vs1 is not a gentle introduction to the complexities of the game by any means.

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What else? We've had a chance to check out the Foundation update for No Man's Sky, a game that I am still eager to enjoy as much as I feel I should. Does Foundation tip the balance? Not really, to be honest, but I have found a planet I quite like, a planet that's just like Christmas! Oh, apart from the mutated deer folk. Maybe this planet's not perfect after all.

Finally, we answer some questions! Well, we sort of answer some. One of them is very hard to answer, and another one is just deeply mysterious. At least we get to talk about my unmade video game idea once more. Welcome back, Horse Attack!

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