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Among Us Arena is a fan-made fighting game with some killer combos

Knife's out.

Indie hit Among Us doesn't look like it would make for the basis of a good fighting game, but one fan gave it a shot - and the result is great.

Among Us Arena, by game creator starcutter, is a 2D fighting game with the characters from the original but many mechanics fighting game fans will find familiar. The video below, from YouTuber Cookietriangle, provides a good idea of what it's like:

The combo system looks like it has a decent amount to it. There are crossups, air dashes and even ground and wall bounces, as well as Among Us' knife and gun attacks to splice into your strings. The video below, from fighting game combo afficionado HiFight, is a pretty cool day one effort:

Among Us Arena only came out on Friday, but it already has a decent following, with online play currently the focus. There's even been a tournament! The Discord is packed with people discussing how to expand the gameplay, with suggestions for unique play styles and move sets for each character (at the moment every character is the same except for their colour). Starcutter is also after ideas for taunts.

Matchmaking is a little flakey, and online play can suffer from lag, but as a fan-made game Among Us Arena works pretty well, and at a base level it's a lot of fun.

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Among Us

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