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Frictional's excellent sci-fi horror game Soma is coming to Xbox One

Saw pain in a new way.

Philosophical sci-fi horror game Soma, Frictional Games' 2015 successor to Amnesia: The Dark Descent, is coming to Xbox One.

While no release window has been announced, this is still good news for those without a PS4 or capable computer as Soma was one of the smartest and most interesting sci-fi tales of the last few years. It even made some really interesting narrative design decisions predicated on player choice, taking full advantage of the interactive medium - though to explain in any more detail would be a spoiler. But hey, I wrote a whole spoiler-filled article about Soma's storytelling merits for those who have finished it.

I wasn't the only one at Eurogamer to be smitten with Soma, as our contributor Dan Whitehead found it fascinating as well. "That Frictional has been able to take such an over-used concept as exploring an abandoned research base, populated by bloody corpses and monsters, and turn it into a sombre philosophical adventure that is also exciting and even funny, is quite the achievement," he stated in his Soma review.

Eurogamer contributor Edwin Evans-Thirlwell called Soma "a game I can't seem to stop recommending in reviews of other games" in his review of another game, Observer. If you were fortunate enough to play that one, and you liked it, I'd reckon Soma would be up your alley as well.

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