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Almost two decades on, fans have unearthed a secret move in the original Shenmue

I see.

It's been nearly 20 years, but it seems the original Shenmue still has a little left to offer. Fans have dug deep into the code to successfully unearth a secret move that was recently hinted at by one of the original developers.

The move - known as 'Shin Shōryūken', and a clear reference to one of Street Fighter's signature moves - was part of the original game but removed at the 11th hour at director Yu Suzuki's request. Maybe he was fearful of intervention from Capcom's lawyers?

It's been re-enabled, however, by an enterprising fan (as picked up by Shenmue Dojo). The dragon punch - look, let's just call it what it is - can't be activated in normal play, and in this instance has been unlocked in one of the cutscenes in the harbor, being utilised against greasy rocker Goro.

It's quite the discovery, and is nicely timed, what with Shenmue 3's release just around the corner - and as the most recent trailer revealed, it's looking quite a lot like Shenmue. I wonder what secrets this all-new installment will hold?

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