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Alien: Isolation's latest update adds new difficulty modes

Nightmare and Novice.

First-person Ridley Scott film simulator, Alien: Isolation, just received an all new free update that adds two new difficulty modes to the mix: Nightmare and Novice.

The former mode is probably the most requested draw as it turns the odds of survival against you even further. In Nightmare, you'll have a damaged motion tracker with a messed up display that sometimes gives you unreliable information. Resources are limited even further and map systems won't be available to download from terminals, so you'll have to chart your course one cautious step at a time. Non-alien combatants will also deal more damage and be more aggressive.

And what of the Alien itself, you ask? Unsurprisingly, the titular creature has also been taught a few new tricks. "In this heightened, terrifying atmosphere, our Alien will be hunting you like never before," developer The Creative Assembly stated on its official site. "With an upgraded AI that has amplified its fatal hostility, every step you take may be your last. Our monster is more adaptive, learning from your tactics with chilling speed and with intensified senses that will give you no second chances."

If that wasn't unnerving enough, Nightmare mode also does away with the HUD, so things like your life meter, flashlight battery and ammo reserves are left for you to wonder - and worry - about.

On the other end of the spectrum is Novice mode, where everything is easier and all around more pleasant.

Here, resources are plentiful, enemies do less damage, and the Alien isn't as aggressive. It won't adapt to your behaviour as quickly and can easily be distracted.

"We have had requests from the community to have more time and breathing space with which to explore Sevastopol," the developer said. "Therefore, to balance the horror of Nightmare Mode, we also have Novice Mode."

Which of the new difficulty settings interests you most?

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