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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez streamed Among Us on Twitch, and 400k people tuned in

A new vent-ure.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appears to be one of the few politicians to actually understand video games and Twitch - having previously attempted to stop the US Army from using Twitch as a recruitment tool. But yesterday AOC decided to use Twitch as a platform herself, organising a session of Among Us to encourage American citizens to vote in the upcoming presidential election. And it's safe to say the stream went down pretty well.

The stream was organised earlier this week after AOC put out a call for volunteers on Twitter, and she swiftly recruited big names such as Pokimane, Myth, hasanabi and hbomberguy, along with fellow democrat Ilhan Omar (who also has a very nice gaming rig, it turns out). AOC's newly-created Twitch account quickly accrued thousands of followers, and after dealing with some technical difficulties the stream last night peaked at 439k viewers, meaning it ranks within the top 20 biggest streams of all time for concurrent viewers (according to third-party website Twitch Tracker).

Amidst all the backstabbing shenanigans of Among Us, AOC reminded viewers to make a plan to vote, and discussed topics such as global healthcare. You can find the whole stream here, but here's a highlights reel to give you an idea of how it all went down:

This isn't the first time AOC has appeared on Twitch, as she popped on hbomberguy's stream to raise money for trans charity Mermaids back in January 2019. This is her first stream on her own channel, however, and judging by the reception I wouldn't be surprised to see her do more in future - it's certainly one way to reach younger voters. That or Joe Biden Animal Crossing yard signs, I guess.

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